7:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Counter Culture Labs
4799 Shattuck Ave., Oakland, CA

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MycoFermentoOmniMondo is a Chatauqua style event with several hands on activities going on concurrently with occasional focus for attendees on one or more of the activities. Sort of a three ring circus style in a sideshow presentation with a potluck format. You can make the rounds or hang with one or a few activities.

At the FermentationStation we’ll continue with rejuvenation of our kombucha moms. We started some wine and can check its status. Depending upon what fruit or fruit juice may have come in from Food Not Bombs that day, or what attendees bring, we’ll make some wine from scratch. Depending upon what crisp veggies that may come in, like turnips, carrots, cabbage, finocchio, celery, sweet corn, we’ll also shred some pickled kraut making the halophylic microbes happy with smoked sea salt.

At the CCL lecture area we’ll have BAAM’s Allison celebrate elderberry season with elder flowers and berries in syrups, extracts, and preparations with info on how to ID, collect, and prep. We’ll have berries and flowers but you can bring your own too, along with honey, maple syrup, vodka, Everclear, andor brandy and small lidded jars for containment.

In the BAAMLab we may have luminous mushroom mycelium for sharing, or plastic eating fungus for mycoremediation, or turkey tail cultures for clothes or construction. Lots of mycelial cultures and BAAMers to share their lore and projects.

Potluck snacks welcome. All times are ish”.

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