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This workshop is an introduction to Radical Therapy, how it has been practiced in Germany for the past few decades in self-organized groups without professional leading and without fees.

Radical Therapy is a cooperative approach to solving life problems with the support of others, to liberate from internalized oppression and all its effects, to gain awareness about the abuse of power, and to cultivate clear and honest relationships. The Radical Therapy is based on:

– Radical Psychiatry
– Transactional Analysis
– Co-Counseling

The Radical Psychiatry (that was developed in the late 1960s in the Bay Area) gives the radical political background, the ideas about power and its abuse, cooperative problem solving, and liberation. The Transactional Analysis gives the
psychological theory and therapeutical interventions and the Co-Counseling gives the idea of mutual therapeutical support by special techniques for self-responsible deep emotional work.

The workshop will be led by Gino and Vera. Gino is visiting from Berlin and has been practicing Radical Therapy since 1999. Vera lives Oakland and is learning about counseling as informed by the writings of Carl Rogers.

Contact: Gino (lu.alt@web.de) and Vera (verayin@gmail.com)

Radical Therapy Workshop

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