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Date(s) - 02/13/2017
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Small Classroom

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In this group we will write with the help of stuff found and made from the social life of the world, human and otherwise. From flowers to stones, documents to artworks, we will: share stuff of significance to us, situate that stuff’s significance for each other, and write with that stuff. “With” might mean “about,” but it may also mean “against” and “from” and “toward” and “around” and “including.”

In our writing and discussions we’ll consider how stuff gets situated in the world and how we can and do situate it. How stuff changes situations; how situations change stuff.

Each week at least one of us will bring in at least one item of stuff and situate it for us with some piece of writing. Then we’ll write with this.

We’ll also have time to share writing we’ve done on our own. Writers will provide questions to guide our responses. Sharing may involve writing done for our group or any other writing. Generally pieces should not be much longer than a page or two, unless we decide otherwise.

Writing of any genre or mix of genres welcome; we will practice giving feedback across and beyond genre. Any kind or amount of writing experience welcome; we will practice giving feedback of kinds most desired by the writer.

For accessibility, information, questions, suggestions contact julianfrancispark@gmail.com

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Writing with world stuff