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Date(s) - Feb Sun 18 2018
11:00 am - 3:00 pm



Yearly community event for musicians and DIY electronics hobbyists to trade, buy, sell, and otherwise redistribute all manner of implements and supplies used in the making of music and the pursuit of electronics as a hobby or small business. Guitars, test equipment, synthesizers, electronics kits, keyboards, drums, components, stompboxes, parts, enclosures, basses, capacitors, chips, speakers, switches, tubes, wires, careful notes, antiquated notions….

We’re always giving away free electronic components for your hobbying pleasure, and not hard-to-know-what-to-do-with stuff either, but fun things like op amps, diodes, LED’s, electrolytic capacitors, voltage regulators, enclosures, and weirder stuff, too. Keep it out of the landfills! People give us this stuff to give away. Your job: make something with it.

Also, very much not incidentally, a great place to meet and converse with other people who are interested in the purchase, sale, trade, and other redistribution of the above things. We get luthiers, stompbox builders, amp builders, inventors, musicians, curious hobbyists, browsers, makers, hardware hackers. Come and meet someone and form a club with subversive intent. It would not be the first time!

2018 Musicians’ and DIY Electronics Swap Meet