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Date(s) - May Sat 16 2015
6:30 pm - 10:30 pm


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Agile Rascal Theatre is looking for a home venue to kick off our coast-to-coast theatre tour on bicycles. We will be performing our original play (50-60 minute running time) with the possibility of an opening act or a closing band/dj.

About the play: We started out our creative process exploring, “The Intersection of Capitalism, Spirituality and Technology” which has since evolved into an intricate and wildy imaginative piece about a handful of stragglers that find themselves at an abandoned gas station somewhere in the Southwest United States after a massive drought has forced everyone eastward. Although the topic is serious and timely, the play will have music, puppets, dance and a lot of dark humor.

We are committed to having free theatre open to the public, so we would like to not charge anything for admission, but are open to charging for refreshments, which could also contribute to The Omni.

Read more about us at: www.agilerascaltheatre.com

We are a theatre troupe writing a play with plans to perform it across the country, traveling by bicycle.

We take off on May 23rd, but wish to perform our play first for our home town of Oakland!

About the play: A catastrophic drought on the West coast has forced everyone to migrate East. Somewhere in the vast expanse of the desert of the Southwest, several holdouts attend to a lonely gas station. Or were they abandoned? With dwindling resources and the wily wilderness rapidly encroaching, a Scientist rolls up, out of gas and with a mysterious underwater specimen that might just hold the possibility of survival.
The piece is an intricate, wildly imaginative exploration of the intersection of Capitalism, Spirituality and Technology. Although the topic is serious and timely, the play will have music, puppets, dance and a lot of dark, absurdist humor.

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