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Date(s) - Nov Sat 11 2017
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Disco Room


Greeting Community,
Please join for an afternoon of Butoh Spirals:

Mama Earth is pressing upon our feet. We suspend in space on a string of light. As the body moves us, we awaken as conduits of a vast holographic spectrum of light and darkness. Winds lift, under our heals, under our wings, pulsing as poetry, slowly transfixed, dissolving the thinker.
An experience without an experiencer,
A dream witout a dreamer,
A thought without a thinker.
Nothing is fixed. In-between the spiraling spaces of experience/ dream/ thought, as nutritious inner gardens, luminous within moist dark soils and inner spaciousness, growth happens.

Please join for an afternoon of low Impact organic movement. Do wear comfortable clothes. Notebook optional.

“Butoh is a dance movement that originated in Japan shortly after WWII. It is characterized by movements that tend towards the earth and the unconscious. Instead of aspiring to an aesthetic ideal Butoh reveals the human being and his inner world. It implies total presence where dance is an expression of being in the world as well as containing the world within oneself. ”
– http://www.syzygybutoh.com/

Be prepared for a unique inquiry.

Butoh Spirals ~ An Organic Movement Workshop