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Date(s) - Feb Sun 11 2018
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Basement Hall


Join the Marx Was Forum for a discussion on dialectical materialism. How is Marxist philosophy different from other philosophical currents and how is it related?


Leadoffs by Gabriel de Jesus (DSA-SF*) and David Spanger (EBDSA*). All views welcome.

This will be the first discussion of the year, come and let’s kick-off into high gear with this interesting discussion!


Please note the new location.


Suggested reading:


Session 1

Total Read Time 17 minutes (Feb, 11th)


The Three Sources and Components parts of Marxism (extract), by Lenin  – [8 minutes]



Extracts from Lenin’s Collected Works: [9 minutes]

VOLUME 38, p359:

Marx Was Right Forum