Welcome to the Omni key card request page. This is how you request access to The Omni Commons.

Our door is unlocked by a magnetic card reader. Instead of handing out new cards, we will give access to a card you already carry around with you.

  1. Make sure you are allowed access according to our key policy. If you don't meet the criteria for 24/7 Omni access, you must make arrangements with the Omni community before filling out this form.
  2. Choose your card. It can read any card with a magnetic stripe, including: credit/debit/atm cards, drivers licenses, California ID, or most gift cards. Cards that will NOT work: BART cards, Clipper cards, or cards with only a bar code (e.g. Oakland library cards).
  3. Go to the Omni front door, and swipe your card in the card reader. The door will not open, but the computer will remember your card so we can grant access to it. Please swipe at least twice in both directions, with the card facing each way - at least 8 swipes in total.
  4. Note the EXACT TIME of your swipe, and fill out the form below:
full name:
preferred pseudonym (for public log of card swipes):
relation to omni:
I'm a member of these Omni working groups:
I need a key because:
phone or other contact info (optional):
exact time of card swipe:
This form sends an email to a mailing list. You can also send questions/comments to keys@omnicommons.org.