2014/09/2 Finance Meeting Minutes

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Finance Committee 9/2/2014 Meeting Minutes

Date: Sept 2, 2014

Attendees: Maryanna, Hol, Judy, Niki, Yar

Agenda Steward: Maryanna

Scribe: Judy

Topic: Mission and scoping document

  • Action: Consensed on this document

Topic: Bookkeeping

Discussion: There’s $23,000 in the bank. 1. What needs to be paid now? Consensed last Thursday to pay Jesse $1000 monthly. One-month rental of scissor lift $500. CASP inspection $2500. 2. How shall we pay it? We’re not clear on which groups are supposed to contribute—only collectives that pay rent? Or all ten? 3. PGE and water went up substantially. PGE was $744, up by $500. Totals insurance, bills, and taxes should be $2000, excluding Jesse and other $3000 one-time expenses. Can’t pay $8000 because we only have ~$4000 after all Sept. bills. When everyone pays everything owed right now, we would be in much better shape

  • Action: M will add proposal to the agenda to split consensed costs and utilities equally between all collectives.

Topic: Unpaid bills

Discussion: $1800 might still be owed by Danny for move in, last month, and rent; $3500 for utilities and consenting costs pending from other collectives that haven’t been invoiced yet. $5,300 due total. When we have the working capital and can pay for upgrades, John said he will reimburse half for ADA. We can propose to start working on ADA and fire upgrades piecemeal as we have the capital to do so.

  • Action: M will add to agenda the proposal to spend $500 on bathroom ADA upgrades and $500 toward fire upgrades for now. Hol will ask Danny if he has paid first, last, and rent yet.**

Topic: Rental of unused rooms

Discussion: 3 Rooms downstairs could be rented at $600 each or so, open to negotiation. Starting Oct. 1.

  • Action: M will add proposal to the agenda for the Thursday meeting to start advertising the spaces for rent Oct. 1 at ~$600 p/m.**

Topic: Questionnaire

Discussion: Need to clarify purpose of the document and what is required/ not required

  • Action: M will resend questionnaire and clarify purpose of document**

Next meeting: 9/16/14 7pm at OMNI somewhereeee.