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Any building's electrical system is intended to serve the needs of the users of the building in a safe manner. However, we must work within constraints such as for our geography, regulations, best practices, and most importantly, the system we employ below:


  • Label the main electrical panel as "main"
  • Label the direct sub-panels of the main panel with a letter, e.g. "A", "B".
  • Label each sub-panel that is connected to a first-tier sub-panel of the main panel.
    • "level number" + "origin panel letter" + "breaker number"
      • e.g. "1A2" for the first-layer sub-panel from the 2nd breaker on panel "A"
      • e.g. "2A3" for the second-layer sub-panel from the 3rd breaker on panel "1A" aka "1A2"
  • For each circuit, label each outlet, switch, and load with:
    • the appropriate sub-panel name
      • e.g. All the outlets in one room that are on the same circuit should be named "3C4" meaning the circuit is on breaker 4 on panel 3C, originating from panel C on the main panel.
    • the draw on the curcuit
      • e.g. 20 amps


  • We are especially (not exclusively) updating our electrical system documentation on a room-by-room basis.
  • As we do audits and work on individual rooms, you should only use the system described above to map the electrical system as it is discovered.
  • All other systems will be overridden.
  • You can print the worksheet and building floorplan below in order to document the labeling you make on the actual outlets, panels, etc: