Event:2014/07/31 Weekly Delegates Meeting

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July 31 Weekly Delegates Meeting


Posting of Privileged Data

  • Status of wiki for privileged data

Working Groups

  • Upcoming Working Group Meetings
  • Working Groups that need new facilitators
  • CDC Flyering this Sunday?
  • Status of Permit Working Group?

Legal / Governance Reportback

  • Proposal for new meeting format (Jenny)

Proposal Revision to Consensus Process:

Proposal : New Voting Model

All votes called by the Delegate Council are subject to two rounds of voting. The first round passes by full consensus. If after friendly amendments and conversation full consensus cannot be achieved, the vote moves to a second round which passes by 2/3 majority. If this second vote fails to pass, the vote does not carry.

This amendment to our full consensus voting procedures is proposed in light of advice from radical comrades and colleagues who have seen groups and projects torn apart by bad-faith exploitation of full consensus voting. Our group's aim and aspiration will always be full consensus, and we will always work to make sure all voices are heard. In all of our work and decisionmaking together, let us always be guided by fairness, kindness, and justice.