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Omni "Buy the Building" working group meeting - Monday September 28, 2015


Brian from Kiva Laura, Matt, Yar, Joe, remote-jenny


  • Kiva around x 10 years modeled after Grameen bank.
  • Brian's worked for Kiva Zip for 8 months. was part of Occupy, social justice groups. came here for Strike Dept. lives in Richmond, worked for RPA. interested in businesses, worked for night clubs, brother had a biofuel business. trees in bangladesh. grew up poor, working class, wants to get access to capital for groups. 4 months ago started looking into cooperative environment, went to CCCD conference in sacramento, met folks from Dig here, helped anya & maria fund something. also somebody here from a bike collective, as well as $20k for rich city rides in richmond. spoke at their cooperative conference. helped guys crowdfund. "pretty simple, i hate the banks. if people need access to capital, how can we do that?"
  • kivazip is microfiance, 3 years old. launches thursday in san francisco. raises matched lending money in the bay area. mostly SF but also oakland, elsewhere in bay area. another one coming up 3rd quarter.
  • help take care of liquidity issues, build a stronger business
  • need a picture of what you do, what you're gonna do. couple paragraphs on personal platform - "how i grew up, what i like doing".

Next steps:

   * Select an individual to represent each collective that will borrow
   * Take a picture for each collective for campaign page
   * We decide which groups will apply for loan first
   * Person fills out application
   * HAve ot get all apps running by 10/23
   * Every borrower lends $25 to another borrower
   * SF Kiva Zip launch is this Thursday at SF City Hall.

Response to BACLT

See their email from 23 Sep and draft response here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/bacltresponse

  • We should respond quickly to their direct questions about our decision making structure and accountability
  • Need to finalize terms of ground lease so BACLT can decide if they want to take on the specific work and how much they would charge us on a montly basis as part of the lease


  • We still haven't contacted Lender to set up appointment. Thinking to try to set it up for in about 2 weeks to give us time to work on ground lease. Asked jenny in the chat to do this.

New meeting time

5-7pm Monday

Subleases & Fiscal Sponsorships

  • Sudo: Sublease check
  • CCL: Sublease check
  • TIL: Sublease check
    • Durga Press:
    • Publication Studio:
  • BAPS: Sublease - request if they're willing to be fiscally sponsored instead
  • FNB: Need Helen or Joe's signature on sublease
  • MPM: Need a signed sublease or ideally further discussion re: fiscal sponsorship [Matt?]
  • OpAl/Liberated Lens: Willing to be fiscally sponsored, need to sign an agreement and be approved by the delegates
  • Sudo Mesh: Willing to be fiscally sponsored, need to sign an agreement and be approved by the delegates
  • Phat Beets: Need signed sublease (DK has it)

Action Items

  • Coordinate phone meeting w/ Jesse, BACLT and Lender [jenny] - sent a Doodle on 9/29
  • Follow up with Berkeley Business Law student practicum
  • Edit Charitable Activities response: https://pad.riseup.net/p/omniactivities
  • Reply to RIck - Laura will draft