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Building Bloc meeting March 19, 2016


  • yar, abe, ibalu


Abe, Marcus and Christine met this week to talk about childcare at Omni. Idea for a "mommy and me" program. worried about legalities, licensing. been in early childhood education for 20 years, credentialed, etc. Sudbury style.

new members


  • why are you at omni? because i love the idea of having a space for collectives and for community encounters and organizing
  • what do you do here? i'd be interested in, other than helping out with urgent things like fire code, organizing. strategize ways we can get more community support and also maybe supportive of each other, all the collectives, integrating everything a little bit more.
  • what struggles do you face at omni? access. limited accessibility. not in the sense of wheelchairs although that's important, but people who aren't members feeling like they can come and be here and feel like they can easily be a part of it. feels intimidating.
  • how do omni's values align with yours? they reflect a lot of my values. i really value collaboration and being in solidarity with people, and i think that's one of the goals omni's trying ot achieve. i'd like to see hte values shine through everything. i think it's a great goal, and the way people organize horizontally is the right way to do it! all for it!
  • what do you need from us? support - i feel very new. i wanna learn about where omni is right now, and who are the people that are working and supporting the project. wanna get support in my process of learning and getting integrated into the space.
  • what do you have to offer? i've done organizing in baltimore. i was very integrated in the community there - did a lot of outreach, organizing big and small events, working with a lot of different people to strengthen the community & build relationships. this'd be a very different context but i could bring those skills.
  • what are you grateful for? people who are excited to do things and persevere when it gets hard.
  • social media? yes!
    • we have twitter, facebook, instagram?, blog,
    • she loves instragram. willing to take that on!
    • take pictures even if you can't tweet them!
    • happy to help create spaces for mutual engagement & support
  • money? yeah for sure!
  • fine about group photos
  • mailing lists? yar added to a bunch
  • best way to contact you? phone is best. also email works. yar has them.
  • yes key card!
  • schedule? good thu-sun, those are the best days. mon-wed not at all.
  • how far away? like 10 minutes away by car.

next meeting?

  • Saturday April 2, 4pm? We can all be there! potluck!
  • Ibalu can help with printing fliers. Yar will put her in touch with Jenny
  • Friday April 1 - first friday. invite people to potluck the next day!

draft for front door text

  • welcome to omni commons! this is a future space, a becoming project, welcome neighborhood, we're looking for volunteers. if you want to participate, go to this website, this email list, or whatever.