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Omni Commons Finance Meeting11/12/2018


  • Brian - Get new combo lock for the finance room.
    • Jenny did it! I have an extra if we need one -Brian
  • submit application to beneficial - dan & needa
    • Probably no progress. Jenny will check with Needa about it. Updates from Dan?
  • Brian - Write up list of talking points for talking to county assessors office about our non-payment of taxes. Send out list to group.
    • Oops. Haven't done yet. Will do before next meeting
  • Brian - Talk to Needa about stuff in omni basement. Do we want to discuss this at the landless people's alliance meeting? How do we get this stuff to people who need it most?
    • Brian- Talked to Needa about it. She referred me to the people who were taking care of it. They didn't end up responding to my messages, but Jenny has been working with the Village and the stuff has been distributed every day over the last few weeks. Problem is resolved. -Brian.
  • Phat Beets expansionism and use of Entrance Hall for daytime BeetBox sorting.
    • This was discussed in COmmons. Suggestion is to write a joint letter w FInance w the following points"
      • Remind them of leased area boundaries and agreements about maintaining space, clear hallways, etc
      • Require them to clean up the basement storage area and rat infestation
      • Rent due? No!
      • If they do not comply they will be fined
      • If the do then they will be permitted ot use the EH for sorting in the winter, as long as it is cleared out at the end of every day.
    • Finance agrees to this plan and Laura will draft
  • Brian - send gofundme login information to Dan and Laura so that they can do village donor thank you letters.
    • Brian: Sent the information that I had, but it looks like Needa changed it. I will follow up and try to get that information from her.
  • Dan - list and cosolidate (as appropriate) all sources of donations for the Village with Brian
  • Laura - will contact collectives re back rent (Done 10/10), Rents up to date except ABDC
  • Jenny- We received another letter from the Assessors office.
  • Holiday Season Preparations: During Holidays it is common for non-regular members to increase the trash in the Omni. Laura is making a plan for someone to walk the building every day to make sure that things are going well.
  • Brian gone from December 22nd-December 29th Approximately.
  • Jenny gone from November 19th-28th. Plus Africa Trip thats already in Calendar
  • Laura gone from 20th-27th in december, plus other trips already in calendar.

Action Items

  • Taxes due 11/15 - Jenny almost done, in ProConnect
  • Next meeting date: November 26th. Yes, Laura. Maybe Jenny?
  • Bank account for Village - Dan & Needa
  • Brian: Check with Needa about the Gofundme password.
  • Brian: Write up list of talking points for County Assessors office.
  • Jenny - Send Brian a picture of assessors office letter when its found. Brian will follow up on it.