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Omni Communications Workign Group Meeting Tuesday March 2, 2021

Present: Yar, Silver, Dane, Vicky, Roberto


  • silver had a smoothie. town fridge had a coconut soup
  • roberto made calabacitas squash w/tomato & onions
  • vicky eats the same thing every day
  • yar has pumpkin seeds
  • dane had horchata


Yar: WE might nbeed to reconsider what the scope is. I went back all the way back, the more the better, but do we want this? We have to make sure and be intetntional what and who we ask for. Is this how want to do it. We want to do it right the first time.

  • Roberto:I had the idea that we would try to capture currently active active omni members.
  • Yar: One of the main reason is to get feedback from people.
  • Silver: Why do people want to be of Omni and if not why not. Data collecting. This allows people to feel heard. A good way to get people engaged by asking these questions.
  • Yar: The cognitive dissonance is real. Can these two goals be addressed in a single survey?
  • Dane: where is this information going to? Is this a concern to people?
  • Yar: we have to be clear who handles this information.
  • Silver: People have the option to be annonymous
  • Silver: Both of these things can happen. It doesnt have to be to complex
  • Yar: Spend time to read the questions. (Reading questions from form): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSepMq76QrxeyoIqEJAX7gH6y9XNSAyukSRJrzndj7ErZ20VIw/viewform?fbzx=1500175121000546419
  • roberto envisions a video art project census. a group picture
  • people can respond by video
  • vicky: maybe interview people and take notes?
  • Yar: When you are interviewing people you still need a place to put the data. It still needs to be organzied.

igd podcast

  • should we push it back? we're dealing with internal issues, maybe not ready yet. it'll be a more interesting conversation to have.
  • dane will contact IGD to tell them we are waiting.

hiring somebody

  • give feedback as a working group?
  • yar: at today's fin/fun meeting i got them to agree to changing it to "operations officer" or "operations coordinator"
  • dane likes operations coordinator. definitely understandable we need to hire someone. not just the title though, but the idea that it could be brought up at all is an epistemological problem, that folks aren't understanding horizontal organizing. our website etc says we're a horizontally organized social center. they don't understand why we'd be against an ED?
  • vicky: this proposal concerns me, i've been in this role twice. [redacted] omni not having a good conflict resolution policy, no peer review process, or hiring & firing policies
  • yar: was the problem they expected you to solve, was it paper work?

Vicky: Hiring someone may make it work, it will compound issues tather then help? Yar: waht is the sense of the root cause? Vicky: There is a participation issue. Maybe due to transperancy issue. The decision-making model. There is power hoarding, etc. This is waht I see

  • roberto finds the wording problematic, it's not taking into account the structures that omni already has in place, that arne't perfect but are striving to collectivize the work. in these working groups, anyone can join. you can do work for omni. that's a way to get people to do the work. this ED - outreach, booking - this is work that a working group does. i wanna see the wording reflect that, as opposed to having them be fully responsible for booking/outreach, they should work with wgs. to do the paperwork, but also to make sure the wgs are working. they send the emails, take responsibility for the wgs, rather than making that decision as an ED.
  • Can Batllo (Barcelona, Catalonia, Espana ) https://www.facebook.com/canbatllo



  • Discuss what content we want to include and what format


  • omni video project
  • orientation


  • vicky: we're getting assaulted by gentrification on all sides - complaints about stoop sitting, noise at night, insurance thing. maybe we can start asking boogie businesses about that
  • dane: moments cooperative bookstore, qtpoc shop w/townfridge, mutually reposting ig stories w/omni. downtown oakland, 13th near broadway & harrison