Event:2021/08/26 Finance

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  • sarah, john, yar
  • meeting jeremy from self-help at omni - maybe Monday or Tuesday next week; Jeremy will let Sarah know Friday if this is happening - hopefully Yar or DK can be there, who can speak to historical Omni stuff re building
  • SH CU online banking set up - need someone's social security number - is it robb's?
  • Beneficial account -- keep account as NOMA also wants account there and the bank seems community minded
  • yar will send treasurer recruitment email
  • who can pay bills right now without a treasurer? right now john is willing to do things but needs help
  • checks and balances on treasurer
    • yar thinks these are a "nice to have" but is worried about the scarcity of volunteers creating too much work for too few people
    • yar doesn't want her name on things but is happy to click on things
    • diy has been paying stuff / reimbursing sarah. at some point omni has to repay diy for some stuff (DIY expects some expenses not to be reimbursed as DK and SL both want Omni to pass inspection and will front $$ so that happens)
    • we decided that all three of us have clicking authority for the time being. none of us is comfortable making any big purchase decisions but we'll make sure existing accounts are paid and needs from working groups are met.