Occupy the Omni Commons

Our Spaces

The ground floor of the Omni Commons is wheelchair-accessible with the exception of the Kids Room and the Blue Classroom. A wheelchair bathroom is located at the southwest corner of the Entrance Hall, a large and well-lit space that’s highly modular and often rented for book readings and pop-up bazaars.

Our beautiful Ballroom is perfect for large events with up to 244 attendees. The stage is outfitted with a dropdown projection screen and a complete array of A/V equipment. Take a 3D tour of the ballroom!

Between the Entrance Hall and the Ballroom are the Kids Room, a child-safe room replete with books and games, and the Blue Classroom, prioritized for Bay Area Public School classes but available to rent for small group meetings and classes. The Ticket Booth Room, located in the southwest corner of the ground floor, is home to Art Bison Design Collective’s screen printing studio, but can be rented for groups of 5-10 seeking accessible, private meeting space.

The back of the building is home to member collectives Counter Culture Labs, a community science laboratory, and Sudo Room, a creative community and hackerspace. Take a 3D tour of our hackerspaces!

The room labelled “utility room” on the floor plan is the office of Phat Beets, a grassroots food justice organization.

The upper level of the Omni Commons features the Disco Room, a well-lit space with mirrored walls and a sprung dance floor – perfect for dance rehearsals, yoga classes, meetings and gatherings under 50 people.

The Upstairs Den is well-suited for classes and workshops with 10-20 attendees. There are several public computer terminals along the south wall of the den.

The Treatment Room is small and cozy, ideal for small group meetings of 2-7 people.

The upper level is also home to the offices of member collectives Timeless, Infinite Light, Chiapas Solidarity Committee, and Global Women’s Strike, which share space with several other local publishers.

The Ballroom Mezzanine and Library feature comfortable seating and small tables. There is a 4-stall unisex bathroom in the southeast corner mezzanine.

The Basement Hall of the Omni is highly flexible, hosting anything from large group meetings to dance parties and creative workshops for up to 50 attendees.

The Basement Library is ideal for reading groups and small presentations with attendance of up to 25 people.

The large kitchen in the basement is stewarded by Food Not Bombs and is not yet ready for commercial use. Material Print Machine is no longer a member of the Omni. The office labeled “Phat Beets” on the floor plan is now the home of Liberated Lens, our resident radical film collective.