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* Josh
* Josh
* Dennis
* Dennis
* Gerald
* Dragon
* Dragon
* Kwaku (might need a ride back)
* Kwaku (might need a ride back)

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Tues. Jan 17th 2016


  • Anka
  • Jessica
  • Dennis
  • Josh
  • Liz
  • Shilmat


  • Anka made flyers for the next 3 screenings, will print out on Tuesday for distribution
  • Jenny needs a signator for lease
    • Liz will print and sign

Gear and budget

  • Another GoPro tomorrow
  • We need rechargeable AA batteries
  • Talk about gear and budget NEXT WEEK

AltEx party!

Weds 20th at 6:30, their office at 3030 20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. They want us to do a 3 min presentation. WHO CAN GO? We can arrange rideshares or BART

  • Liz
  • Anka
  • Josh
  • Dennis
  • Dragon
  • Kwaku (might need a ride back)
  • Shilmat
  • Invite Noemie

Meet at Omni Wednesday at 4:30 for rideshares!

Marcus bookstore event

Feb 4th, 7th pm, Marcus bookstore. Josh will make the presentation and is wondering if anyone else will present it with him.

Next film nights

Bryan Gibel's film, Chicago Confessional

Tuesday Jan 26th (confirm with Bryan): Show it in conjuction with another recent Chicago-based documentary. Q&A with Bryan, discussion with Gerald. What else to show?

  • Gerald and Kwaku working on a 10 min short, will finish editing on Thursday at 7pm
  • Need another short to fill time: segments of Democrary Now reports? Anka found a 5 min short about current events in Chicago
  • Elaine Brown is not coming

Black History Month film nights

Feb 16th: Black Power Mixtape

  • get local organizers from Black Panthers to speak? Requires more organizing & advertising, bigger event.
  • get folks from other black power movements and organizations to come?
  • Post to Omni calendar!

Feb. 23rd: Skin

  • Post to Omni calendar! Anka will make FB events

Seeds of Struggle

Editing process

Next editing session: Tuesday Jan 19th, 4pm. Also equipment training and practice interview setup with Dennis and Jessica

Social Media

  • Twitter for SoS specifically
  • Instagram for SoS
  • Send Jessica login for youtube (optikallusions)
  • FB page for Liberated Lens (we can make that ourselves)

Group process and organization

Things tend to happen slowly; for example, putting off budget discussion for months, not implementing regular equipment trainings

Lacking Report-backs on agreed decisions, ensuring follow-through

  • Regular (monthly) financial reports to keep members informed about the state of the organization.
  • Implementing equipment trainings (designated time? integrate with weekly meeting?)

Action items

  • update patxu OS
  • try Pluraleyes
  • fix printer??
  • Liz: sign lease, send to Jenny