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Tues. Jan 5th 2016 OMG


  • Anka
  • Jessica
  • Liz
  • Dennis
  • Josh
  • Shirah
  • Shilmat
  • Angel


Marcus Bookstore event Feb 5th

We have been tapped to co-sponsor an event at Marcus Bookstore, February 5th. We would be able to participate (briefly) in the presentation, help with promotion, and possibly film and edit footage. The event is a multi-media promotion in conjunction with the release of the book "When We Fight We Win"---an illustrated guide to current events in the activism. http://www.whenwefightwewin.com/tour/


Sunday evening has been proposed. Thoughts?

Sundays at 7pm it is! Next meeting: this Sunday Jan. 10th at 2pm (editing session)

Grant munnies are in!

There will be a 2-day hold on the funds. Set a date to have a budget meeting?

Next film nights

Selma: to screen or not to screen?

  • It's risky unless it's encouched in a very strong educational ethic: showing the film in order to have a discussion about relevant current events in social justice/politics/hollywood/black history month.
  • We could show it privately
  • Dennis recommends showing an actual speech by King that he did here in the bay area (The Other America, trt ≈50 mins). There is another documentary (also made in the bay area) about King and Malcolm X

New proposal: Tuesday Jan. 19th (day after APTP march on MLK ave) show The Other America and collaborate on discussion afterwards with APTP organizers

Bryan Gibel's film, Chicago Confessional

Tuesday Jan 26th (confirm with Bryan): Show it in conjuction with another recent Chicago-based documentary. Q&A with Bryan, discussion with Gerald. What else to show?

  • Another sleep deprivation short

Also, we agree to split the proceeds with Bryan, 50/50.

Black History Month film nights

Feb 16th: Black Power Mixtape

Feb. 23rd: Skin

Seeds of Struggle

Editing process

Footage is mostly logged and reviewed, and Mr. Scott's interview synced and edited for content. Need transcriptions of other interviews.

Social Media

FB is up, needs tending

Action items

  • update patxu OS
  • try Pluraleyes