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• director of Occupy the Farm came by

• AAU student director came by, learning opportunity 10/23

• Rent must be paid early (oct 23)

• $5 deposit for building keys :P

• Angel emailed MAFI, no response. Screen it anyway?

• Sarah: "I'm leaving for Vietnam and I don't know when I'm coming back, so I want to say that I've had a really good year with you guys and I'm really glad we started it. I'm going to miss you guys!" "Also, check out Trello.com and Basecamp.com" GOING AWAY PARTY AT OMNI FRIDAY 5PM BE THUR

DP class (Bryan update)

To get money to take Bob Elfstrom's workshop! (dates not set yet)


To apply as a group: Non-profit needs a website for group (augment Wiki?) and bios for people applying [need fiscal sponsorship]

"artistic development" for under 35, can apply as members of a group

"professional development" for over 35, must apply as individual

Additional film screening (Anka)

Crying Earth Rise Up completed by Anka's friend, showing Nov. 8th at Native American Film Festival in SF, she may be interested in another screening in Oakland. Aim for Sun she may be here in person

Film night PART TWO: The Spook Who Sat By The Door

Order of operations -

Set a date: Oct. 21st, 7pm

Submit event [Liz]

Create FB event, Indybay [Dragon]

Flyers this time? [Shilmat and Dragon]

Who can be there?

Setup: Liz, Dennis, Joshua, Anka, Angel, Jabari, Shilmat

Door: Dennis

Concessions: Wine/$2 and FNB snacks (Anka)

Cleanup: Bryan, Anka, Angel, Stephen

Vending options (food, drink, etc.):

  • Popcorn machine needs more, there is $5 set aside and we can pull more from general fund. [Dragon]
  • We're also out of popcorn bags, where to get those? the dollar store?

Seeds of Struggle

To do:

• choose film teams and schedule for shooting. Look for Gail, Mr. Scott events (and Adrionna?) Event schedule here: http://blackurbangrowers.org/portfolio/conference-schedule/

• Thursday Urban garden tour: Stephen, Joshua, Sarah, Shilmat. Starts 8:30 am, location TBA, must register??


• Friday: Opening Panel Discussion (Adrionna) at 9:30AM

- Dennis, Dragon • Friday: Sustainable Food System (Adrionna) 1:15PM

- Dennis & Dragon • Saturday: Keynote address (Gail) 8:30AM

- Joshua, Liz • Saturday: Our Black Farmers (Mr. Scott) 10:45AM

- Anka, Liz • Saturday: Hubs, Collectives, Coops (Adrionna) 4PM

- Angel, Anka, Dennis • Sunday: Closing conference circle (general b-roll) 2:15PM

To do:

• create script from interviews (first draft at least, to think about b-roll) • Set date to film b-roll with Wanda • Set date to interview Adrionna • Set date/s to collect b-roll of food deserts