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Stephen's friend Sparrow from NY




• AAU shoot Friday 10AM-10PM. LLC members welcomed to attend to get on-set experience!

• 27 ppl RSVPd for film night on FB, woo! We need popcorn and bags. [Angel] Who's bringing the film?? It's upstairs! Let's test it after the meeting

• Aunti Frances filming opportunity coming up.

Legal blah

Sublease or fiscal sponsorship? See email

Halloween film?

Piggy-back on Haunted House event? Joshua will ask. Pick a good film! "I Walked With a Zombie"

Seeds of Struggle next steps

Set time to review BUGs footage?

• How to deliver to interested peoples?

Mr. Scott's interview done, in the process of transcribing more interviews (Joshua)

• Handing off camera to Mr. Scott this saturday. More tapes? or get Pro Duo cards?

• Set a date to organize and review footage

- Sunday at noon

• Run some synching tests between FCP and Premiere

• Fix Sony Handycam import

Feedback from Dennis -

• Review dailies asap after shooting and evaluate

• More tech training sessions before on-location filming (minimize mistakes)

• Learning about the language of film and video (film theory, composition, aesthetics, lingo)

• How to conduct interviews