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Liz (remote)






Shirah (invited by Dragon) has a background in digital media. Started working on doc of food movement in the black community. Moved to the bay 3 months ago. Her new doc is what happened to black wealth. Hollyweird is evil and stoping the creative juices from flowing.


• No update about lease agreement (no word back from Jenny) • Aunti Frances filming: How did it go? it was fun. well spoken and they were awesome. Josh recorded for an hour and the file was corrupted :( [imported audio and video into computer and deleted files on the cards... attempted to sync audio and video within a new sequence of Premiere, but the program crashed... when I went back to it, the 1.4GB wav file that had an hour of audio now only plays as four seconds of static] So there was a cooking of soup, and each person explained why it was important for each ingredient to be added. We need to figure out about the sound. We may be able to inclued in seeds of struggle. Phat beets want a piece of the footage as well. • BTW we have a real cash box now, with a code lock and a log book for expenses. If you need to get into it, ask Liz • Josh downloaded a few movies and want to watch as a collective.


Fundraising for LLC! But how?

We need to create partenships with people wiith munny. Especially if we can use the black components of our collectivce we cqn get munny from these parternships. Dennis mentioned emily who is a grant writer, and he talked to her to see the possibilties of raising us sum munny. We need to invite her so we can get the ball rolling. Dennis will be able to get in contact with emily to attend. Dennis will let us know next week when she can come. We are also waiting for reponses from the other grants which we applied for.

• We need monies for: New camera + basic accessories (extra batteries, memory cards, etc) Rent? Other gear? Discuss! • How much are we aiming for to meet these goals? Might help to start a budget form (doesn't have to be right now). Here's a template to work from: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LI59ouOu1JZz9ao2zeN0i1KH4Vzq9Ic5DwALNdXhmPk/edit?usp=sharing • Idea-barf potential income streams here: Grants of course (specifics?) This is noted up above. Discuss more! From Dragon: "Sorry I'm sick...my idea is to show more films, maybe once a week?... And additionally perhaps inviting guests or using our email list to offer film making workshops... I think we have discussed this before... We just need to focus and implement." Anka says it would be way to hard to do a film night once a week. Dennis says we need to have a team, and there so much we would have to do on a weekly basis, that doing a fim night is impossible. We need our own shit!!! The film making workshop we will come back to on a later date. Anka suggest Karaoke night after the film night.

Seeds of Struggle

Anybody meet to edit last week? There was talk of it on email. We actually met today. JAbari edited sum fottage today (Mr Scotts Interview) great! Sunday Nov 8 we will met to looks at the bugs conference 12pm. Anka wants to have a weekly editing party and wants it to be tuesday before the weekly meetings. Did Mr. Scott get the handycam from Gerald? no! I think Gerald plans to meet at the freeeeeedom farmers market this weekend.