2/10/2015 meeting with MIHU and Blackhole

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  • Tuesday 2/10 UNDERGROUND MEETING with MIHU & Blackhole -
  • To discuss the utilization of the basement rooms for a general media production studio.

Lauren and Christina

  • MIHU

Kwe, Brandon, Shake

  • Optik Allusions

Liz Noemie Anka Sarah Tyler

  • Notes from OpAl:
    • space for editing that is dedicated to editing at least half the week. small closed room. use it for meetings, editing workshops.
    • Keep production gear in the stage room.
    • Collaboration in terms of community media, have a common name and promote community media together.
    • Two arts commissions in Oakland and we could submit proposal for grant money with Music is healing. We would need a business plan. Sarah Liz and Kwe are down to work on it. We could also ask Davida if she's down to participate since she was interested in grant writing. Food not bombs could be our fiscal sponsor.
    • How do we pay rent? We're offering to steward the space and renovate it. It will bring people and cool projects. We could rent the room. Do a monthly meal to raise money. "dinner and a movie". Having a non compulsory membership. We could pay utilities but not rent.
    • If we're going to look into utilizing the long basement room. What services we would want to put in that shared space. We could have a screening area for small screenings.
    • Sound/silence: Reserving time slots.

1- A clear description of our vision (for example) "A space dedicated to community media, that allows for people to tell their own stories or make their own media without depending on the institutions in power to get the resources they need. A space based on an idea of solidarity, resources, knowledge and skill sharing."

2- some basic values to agree with: - Horizontality - non hierarchical - Safe space

  • agreed upon*
  • Visions for the space -

Noemie: Pool resources for people to tell stories that the mainstream media ignores, include radio and music, etc. Lauren: Blackhole needs a light-controlled, lockable editing space. Liz: Radio and TV production, internet broadcasting, possible newscast-type studio setup, computer suite for photo, animation, editing, etc. Bunker: Radio room and TV switching, editing room Shake: All kinds of media, promoting each other's work Christina: Preservation of analog film ideally. Participate publically as much as possible Anka: Put all media creation in the same spot, but figure out if spacially we can co-exist Kwe: Modular stations for all kinds of media creation, community radio station, music production and recording, emphasis on ability to rearrange the space according to people's needs. Averse to permanent walls Tyler: Ability to support one another, free education Brandon: Oakland Next's outreach program, music production. Fine with Blackhole's wall proposal Sarah: Editing suite, ability to use sound recording rooms for ADR/foley. Irisha: Very new here, photographer, analog and digital

  • Blackhole

• Blackhole is still looking for space, proposing to rent OMP room and wall off a section of longer library room.

   - Extend back wall?
  • MIHU

• Space for music recording: individual rooms, mixer

   - Instrument storage?
  • OaklandNext

• Need space for meetings, music, art, organizing events, and training

   - Cyber security & guard card assistance
   - Merchandise production
   - Marketing training 
   - Talent scouting
   - Music production
   - Event planning and promotion
   - paid cleaning crews & construction crews
   - cook offs and nutrition training
   - Public announcements & media projects
   - Photography, Video and live stream projects
   - Radio
   - Fund Raising
   - Classroom organizing
  • Berkeley Liberation Radio

• DJs will be present 8am to 12am

   - Sound requirements?
  • OpAl

• Editing stations, multiple setups • Space for screening: seating, projector, screen

  • OPC?

Just lost their building, how to make space with them? • An instrument "petting zoo" for youth

  • Questions to take away:

• How to Pay rent? • Our name: OMG? nooooo! >_< • common uses logistics of how this would work