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=Sunday Feb 14th=
=Sunday Feb 14th=

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Sunday Feb 14th


Anka, Shirah, Angel, Gerald, Drey, Brian, Dennis, Josh, Liz

Announcements and cool stuff

The Birdhouse invitation to participate in Omni Fair

  • We could have a booth and show our films.
  • We'll email them back in the affirmative. -(liz)
  • Anyway, we hve two months to think about it.
  • Supersonic Pandamonium is offering local bands to play at film nites b4, at intermission, and/or post film...this is in effort to draw more particpation to Omni and to have more tech production and event hands on deck to help out around here.
  • Some new SuperPandas have come tonight to offer omni support and production support! They're from an art group called Merchants of Reality
  • Dre is trying to help Kazoo move into Omni with her silkscreening op, she also has connections with a nearby middle school where she does educational work. We may be able to get on their program

Film nights

Look into incorporating other arts, like live music, art showings.

Feb 16th: Black Power Mixtape. Who can attend?

  • Set-up at 5pm:Liz, Dre, Angel, Dennis, Josh
  • Foodstuffs: Anka, and we have snacks from yesterday
  • Clean up:Bryan
  • What to screen ahead?
    • Trailer for Skin, <next month's trailer here>
    • Promote Seeds of Struggle, interview with Dennis

Feb. 23rd: Skin

  • Bring in music? -(Dre)
  • Post to Omni (liz)
  • Post to FB (Anka)

Next month: Films by women?? womeninfilm.org has a list of 52 films by women. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Anna Mae Aquash: documentary about her murder and the corruption between Hollywood and the American Indian movement. May need more research
  • 3 Laura Poitras films: Citizen Four, <two other films>
  • Biography of Rosa Luxembourg
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
  • Fundi (about Ella Baker) <- Directed by a woman! good candidate
    • Can we get a copy of a DVD?
    • Reach out to Ella Baker center?
  • Persepolis

TBA: When Justice Isn't Just

  • Shirah will let us know when the director is in town so he can attend

Liberty Hall

Gerald did some electrician work for them, they have a studio called "Overcomers with Hope:. They have really good equipment, they're interested in TV/broadcast training for at-risk youth. Gerald thinks there may be an opportunity to collaborate on an educational goal.

They're having an open house THIS SATURDAY, time andd location TBA (Gerald)

Their website is owhstudios.tv, checkitouttttt

Seeds of Struggle

Freedom Farmer's market at Laney starting in March, filming opportunity? Also on Telegraph starting back up in June

Should we include the part about black farmers suing the government for discrimination in obtaining land?

  • It's a theme for another documentary, but maybe we should include a bit of it , help people understand what the struggle is/historical background
  • Most should be solution oriented
  • Need to craft a "script", our narrative

Reportback on editing session last Monday? Started cutting a sequence about the planting process at Mr. Scott's. watched the documentary, make some changes

Schedule next editing & visioning session: MONDAY (Feb. 13) at NOON O'CLOCK

  • Note to any editors: I'm not sure that nesting the synchronized sequences is what we want to do. For now I would recommend syncing and editing for content within the same sequence.


  • Cash box: 316.56 (needs update?)
  • Savings: $90.01
  • Checking: $4,592 (double check)

Action items

  • updating patxu OS: Liz looked into it, and it will be possible to revert the OS if necessary
    • then try Pluraleyes
  • fix printer, if anyone can look up how or just get a damn new one
    • Gerald bringing a printer? He has an old laser printer, only B&W, no scanning. Also an old "Lexus" (maybe?) that has cheap $5 black ink cartridges
      • Josh to look up B/W Laser printer options
  • About lease: Jenny said she may have to send an updated one
  • √ Liz: email FFA Oakland, got an automated "away on vacay" response. :P
  • Email .announce list for movie night!!