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* Cash box: 316.56
* Cash box: $316.56
* Savings: $90.01
* Savings: $90.01
* Checking: $4,592
* Checking: $4,592

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Sunday Feb 7th


  • Angel
  • Dennis
  • Anka
  • Dre
  • Josh
  • Liz

Announcements and cool stuff

  • Rainbow Co-op money was granted to us, finally! Anka will find out who the check should be written out to.

Marcus Bookstore reportback

Miscommunication about our participation; nothing happened.

Film nights

Feb 16th: Black Power Mixtape

  • Post to Omni! [Liz]

Feb. 23rd: Skin

  • Post to Omni (liz)
  • Post to FB (Anka)

Next month: Films by women?? womeninfilm.org has a list of 52 films by women, we'll talk more next meeting

TBA: When Justice Isn't Just

  • Shirah will let usknow when the director is in town so he can attend

Seeds of Struggle

  • Editing with Jessica last thursday? Ask about Twitter account.
    • Jessica didn't show, but Anka and Dennis edited it. Not exported yet.
  • Freedom Farmer's market at Laney starting in March, filming opportunity? Also on Telegraph starting back up in June

Moving forward:

  • get Pluraleyes going (BUGS conf. and Wanda's intvw still to be synched)
  • Could cut together a sequence of Mr. Scott's planting
    • Monday 2/8 at NOON. BE THERE
  • Note to any editors: I'm not sure that nesting the synchronized sequences is what we want to do. For now I would recommend syncing and editing for content within the same sequence.

Internal operations

  • Liz is gonna make new equip checkout form
    • Schedule a budget meeting!! Weds Feb.10 at 7pm. BE THERE
  • Contingency plan for Omni fallout?
    • Rent a garage somewhere?
    • Berkeley spot? ask Gerald
    • Team up with other displaced Omni collectives
    • Look at other venues to screen in (Rev Cafe, Starry Plough)
    • Angel's idea: Bacon popcorn??
  • Gail would like some footage
    • Something to promote the Freedom Farmers Market. Check Gail's intvw at Mosswood
    • Does she want raw footage or for us to edit something? We'll have to ask her


  • Cash box: $316.56
  • Savings: $90.01
  • Checking: $4,592

Consensus item from last week: blocked by Liz in retrospect until further discussion

  • Clarification: Not actually autonomously, check in with the group before money is withdrawn

Action items

  • update patxu OS (needs research) <- Liz
    • then try Pluraleyes
  • fix printer, if anyone can look up how or just get a damn new one
    • Gerald bringing a printer?
      • Josh to look up B/W Laser printer options
  • Liz: sign lease, send to Jenny
  • Liz: email FFA Oakland