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  • Present: David (BAPS), David B. (Bookstore Cafe & BAPS human rights observer status), Andrew (Hacker Spa), Olive (SALTA/Dancers), Niki (Bookstore Cafe), Mara (SALTA/Dancers), Jeremy (ONL), Yar (Sudo Room)
  • Missing, presumed eaten by narwhals: Otis, Lauren


  • David Keenan reads: Public School vision
  • Mara reads mission: Dancers vision
  • Andrew reads: Hacker Spa vision
  • Niki reads: Bookstore/Cafe vision
  • Jeremy speaks: "ONL highlights local culture & passion"
  • Yar reads: Sudoroom vision
  • Niki suggests: That the Building Bloc cobbles together one statement from all the delegates' statements
    • Andrew: And there's already omnicollective.org. Let's make a running list of alternative names.
    • David suggests not bikeshedding now (vis-a-vis names)
  • digesting our divers visions into one vision
    • Mara: who wants to work on it?
    • Niki: lets put this together (synthesize visions into one) BEFORE next omni meeting so we can vote on it next time
    • David says we should keep promotion/marketing in mind. succinct byline to agree on.
  • David Brazil suggests we formally consent on his writeup of our raison-detat
    • we should modify the list of groups present/recognized
  • Niki suggests we also start thinking about drafting:
    • Safe space policy
    • Code of conduct
    • Conflict resolution process
    • DK suggests we refer to Sudoroom's


  • AK Press is maybe in?
  • buying is a lot more attractive narrative than renting
    • if you're buying it: we're taking it off the market! radical ownership enclave!
    • if you're renting it: "help us pay our rent"
  • is it ok to post pictures publically yet?
    • DK is wary of tying publicity to the omni, that one building
    • Niki suggests we not be officially called Omni Collective
      • but make it clear our current primary project is acquiring that building


  • Incorporation
    • donors will ask about this. they can't give you money unless you exist.
    • needs to be resolved before fundraising starts
    • Disambiguation of incorporation vs 501c3
    • we need to write bylaws
  • Lawyer friend is not available for the next 2 meetings


  • many anonymous donors have offered support already, in particular with "getting over the hump" of first/last/deposit etc
    • some might have agendas / strings attached
    • they tend to not want to be the only one with "skin in the game"
      • need a pool of donors sharing the risk.
      • some might not like our politics...
    • "i'm really wary of depending on anonymous donors"
      • fundraising should be done in the open
      • perception of backroom deals
      • "if you want strings attached, maybe this isn't the project for you"
    • there are two fundraising approaches, maybe they are both valid. two paths.
      • private anonymous donors are compatible with the public ones
    • DB says if someone can give us 20k to get us in the space in a few months, that's worth it
    • andrew thinks we should just try to fundraise for the 700k
    • Niki thinks that will be a lot easier once we're in the space

Goals for next meeting

  • pare down our visions into one page that is appropriate as corporate bylaws
    • this enables incorporating in sacramento, which enables a bank account
  • decide a name so we can register a domain name and web presence
  • next meeting in or around BAPS at 7pm march 6 (tentatively)