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=May 22 Delegates Meeting=
#REDIRECT [[Event:2014/05/22 Omni Delegates Meeting]]
Facilitator: MAX
Stack: Niki
Attendees: Max, David Brazil, Danny, Bill, Cere, Jenny, Matt S., David K., Andrew, Zach, Elaine, Emji, Niki, Kazoo, Yar, Gabby, Zach (CAMO), Yar (jordan), Elizabeth, Ahnon, Helen
Delegates: David B (la commune), Danny S (peak agency), Jenny R (sudo room), Andrew (backspace), Emji (timeless, infinite light), Niki (public school), Elizabeth (OMNIdance), Gabby (fnb), Ahnon (CCL)
Missing: Oakland Nights Live, Black Hole Cinema
==CDC Reportback==
* Margit: Space for differing voices - one meeting a month open to the public
** Public meetings: agenda set by the public
** Delegate meetings: agenda set by the delegates
* We need to meet weekly and make decisions right now
* Proposal: Rotate 2-3 folks to hold the space from 6:30-7 before the weekly meetings
== structural inspector ==
Matt Cantor, Inspector. ("better than an engineer")
* ~20 smoke alarms
* Make all doors and windows openable in a panic situation
* Exhaust pipe for basement water heater
* Electrical panels - main panel may not be fixable (material cost is cheap) + has too many breakers
* Open up currently-blocked-off exit from the bocce ball court
* Fire sprinklers --> Could be DIT (do it together)
* Earthquake retrofit --> could be DIT for 20-30K
===Main Concerns of bringing building up to code===
* Wires grounded
* Windows and doors accessible
* Fire egress - smoke alarms, carbon monoxide
* Moisture-sensor faucets
* Water heater in basement replaced
* Install/upgrade a fire suppression system in downstairs kitchen [expensive]
* Degrease vent in downstairs kitchen
* Easy to come through the barroom
* May be a ramp in the middle entrance on shattuck
* Small elevators are not hugely expensive - contact the Center for Independent Living (CIL)
===Extended Notes===
* Ballpark--what are must-haves?
** Hard to say. Building doesn't have to be perfect, doesn't have to be clean and shiny.
** Very interested in safety for folks using the building.
*** Biggest one is fire safety, especially fire egress
** Easy to get lost, easy to die in a fire.
* I like to use personas in my work
** 80 year-old guy
** 3 year-old girl
** 13 year-old girl at workshop
*** doesn't have any idea where to go or how to get out. Various exits are locked and chained up. So she's dead.
*** I want her to have signage, alarm to warn her, and lots of exits to get out.
** Also true of 50-year-old stoner
** Fire happens fast, folks often die because of smoke inhalation before fire itself.
* Consider a fire sprinkler system in the building.
** Adds 10,000s of dollars -- 20,000 - 40,000
*** Could you find someone to work with you?
*** Brain / tech trust.
*** Tinker-toy systems, but only some parts need to be done by a professional.
*** Make this a fundamental commitment.
** "Boring people don't start fires as much as interesting people start fires"
** You can't build buildings without firesprinklers today.
*** Good thing is these get cheaper. You can use PVC and the heads are cheap.
** Replace and add new escape signs, automatic lighting, escape windows
*** Current barred windows don't all have quick release inside latches
* Earthquake / structure
** Foundation is good, structure is good, didn't screw it up.
** No one messed with the fundamental structure, it's fine.
** Difference between what they did and what they would do today could be modified. Not that expensive nor complicated.
*** $100,000 for retrofit. Bolting, bracing, and interconnecting (mainly) the roof structure to wall structures, so the roof system can't detach from the walls. <-- Cheap! lmfao
*** All you need is an engineer to draw it out, provide some oversight.
**** $10,000 for a drawing.
*** Maybe $10,000 - $20,000 for materials, if you did all the labor yourself.
* Electrical
** Electrical is kind of screwy. A lot of experimenting.
***  Electrical is also critical in terms of the fire. About 10 panels in  building, about 7 are of a faulty brand. Replace them, about a couple  thousand dollars a piece. Main is more complex.
** There's a lot that is /good/ about the building's electrical. Just need to replace some things.
** A bunch of panels that are simply damaged, connected incorrectly, missing covers, etc. Replace them.
** Main panel (washroom behind the bar, like 8 breakers) can't be fixed, unless you can find an equivalent central panel face plate.
*** $20,000
** Even the biggest fanciest panel in terms of material costs is ~$100, cheaper ones are ~$75.
** The issue with the "Federal Pacific" panels is that they aren't responsive, they don't trip when they need to.
** Main panel has too many breakers in it, but it can be fixed. One or two breakers is better (simple). Branch everything off of two 200amp breakers.
*** Any new panels put in can be bigger than immediately needed.
** Mission Drift problem - it's just too complicated, you'll realize the panels need to go.
* John says there's a sump pump but none was observed upon inspection
*revisit working groups / reassign bottom liners
Current working groups:
* Challenging Dominant Culture - Margit & Kazoo
* Communication - Elaine & Jenny
* Finances/Legal -
** 1023 (App for 501c3) - Ahnon
* Space Operations - nominee: Patrik
FNB as fiscal sponsor
* they all like the idea in principle
* want to consult lawyer about possible conflict of interest
* their 501c3 is called "east bay food justice project"
** so we would be a project of that
* our deadline might be june 3, but maybe even later
TIL rent for summer
* they don't want to pay for space they can't use yet
* owners might still move out "the end of september"
* currently paying $200 for a small space
* would need 30 days notice to move
* omni move-in date would be july 1
* we can store stuff during june
* omni may consent to them using a small office
Board of Directors and Officers
* we have an interim bod & officers
* we need to vote them in i.e. sign a thing
* owner wants all delegates on the lease
Backspace Proposal
* http://wiki.omni-oakland.org/w/Backspace/Membership-Lease-Term-Proposal
* much conversation
Helen David Ahnon Emji Jordan
==Lawyery Bizy Biz==
via Jesse (lawyer):
(1)  what is the peak agency - fiscally sponsored or??
(2)  you should check that all of the projects I listed as committees are actually eligible to be fiscally  ponsored.  If they are not, then the description should change to just say "a California unincorporated association."
* these questions have been answered
* Sign the initial action of the incorporator appointing the initial board.
* Board to sign resolution adopting the bylaws - https://pad.riseup.net/p/omnibylaws
* Amend Articles of Incorporation to include Jesse's revisions - https://pad.riseup.net/p/omniarticles
* Secretary to sign the bylaws
* President and Secretary sign the restated Articles and we send them to Jesse to file
==New Collectives==
(1) CAMO - unanimous consensus
(2) Creative Empowerment Project - tabled for one week
(3) Food Not Bombs - unanimous consensus
** CCL expressed concern over not having a chance to review with their membership. We entitle our member-groups to delay a vote for one week in order to ensure total accountability is expressed for each delegate to their respective member group. CCL did clarify they had a chance to review the other two groups, but not this third and would have if it were listed last week. No intention to stall or delay, all in good faith. Acting based on accountability.
==next week==
Assign 2-3 folks to hold space for 6:30-7pm
* hella danny
* probably kazoo, probably yar
* matt will
OMNIdance rent for summer?
==Creative Empowerment Project==
CEP is a screen printing and collateral production studio that makes all  manner of printed media: tshirts, posters, book jackets, perfect-bound  books, business cards, CD and DVD packaging, and various graphic design.  The space has several functions.  There will be a cooperative screen  printing space where coop members will pay a small monthly fee (maybe  50$) to have 24hour access to the community screen printing space.  The  screen printing space will be equipt with 8 printing stations so that  many people may use it at the same time.  I currently bottom-line a  space like this in San Francisco where I have been screenprinting for  the past three years.  This will help cover our portion of the Omni rent.  There will also be an Education/Vocation component to the space  where people who were formerly incarcerated, are targeted by racism, or  otherwise challenged to survive within the oppressive economic/justice  system can build capacity for self-employment and group empowerment.  Participants in the E/V program will learn the skills of  screenprinting, digital design, layout, cooperative business functions,  and self-promotion through classes and practice.  The E/V collective  will take jobs in printing and production to support its portion of the  rent as well as paying its participants for their labor.  Eventually I  would like the E/V project to expand to include people who are under 18, targeted by racism, and disengaged with the public school system.  The E/V project will employ its own students, and hopefully be taken over by those who have successfully completed the program.

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