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  • schedule of costs?
  • schedule of revenue?
  • do we need sprinklers / integrated fire alarm?


  • nature of build-out costs

Known Needs

  • ADA


  • Owner will pay for 1/2 of capital improvements up to $50,000


  • Grants
  • Kickstarter / Indiegogo

Fundraising Basics

  • Start with:
    • One clear goal
    • Specific needs and $ requirements
    • Deadline
  • Strategies:
    • Inner circle - direct, personal asks - people you trust and have intimate relationships with
    • Wider audience - people who catch wind of it, you don't have direct access to them for this goal
    • Events and stunts - bumper stickers, fliers, bake sales, ways to reach strangers and get press

  • 30%-60% of what you need for your goal you should already have direct access to.
    • i.e. you should already have tested the waters
    • Visibility of support - early support generates more faith in success
  • Notes on Kickstarters (in general):
    • Products are usually more successful than causes
    • In other examples of collectives using Kickstarters, private investors were largely the people "donating"
    • Great marketing tool
    • Kickstarter itself doesn't allow real estate projects - other crowdfunding platforms do
    • What do we need to tell the audience, what do they want to know?
  • Conversations with private donors:
    • Elicit rather than solicit interest
    • Meet them where they're at
    • Demonstrate pride and knowledge
    • Find out if they have any advice and their opinions on the projects

Examples of other makerspace crowdfunding campaigns