2015/07/07 Optik Allusions Meeting

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Tuesday july 7th


  • Jabari
  • Sean
  • Dennis
  • Noemie
  • S.


  • Article: woman wants to interview us about OpAl. We'll do it with S., Jabari and Noemie
  • Jabari an Dragon are going to film fundraising video for the Power to The People/ Africa project!
  • S. is writing something that she is passionate about. She needs help if there was an expectation that she would finish by next week. Wants deadlines and kudos for finishing.

Changing names

  • FearlessFilms
  • Films Not
  • Fearless Video Collective
  • Unapologetic Video Collective
  • Bandana Films
  • Under the rock
  • Radical lenses
  • Triple Optik
  • Third Lense Blind
  • We cover stories that the mainstream doesn't cover
  • S. wants rainbow
  • Unseen Video Collective
  • Unheard Video Collective
  • I of the Unseen
  • Third look/ third glance


  • Grants: Emily is a grant writer. She finds money for folks. She's helping a film maker to find grants; She said she would be willing to come to a meeting to see if she can help. Organizations that are non profit have better chances to get a grant.
  • Berkeley Film Foundation: have money for filmmakers!
  •  Bank Account: Sarah doesn't want to do the bank account. Western Federal Credit Union. Friday.


  • Seeds of struggle: 
  • Setting up a meeting with them:
    • Wanda would be a good person:
    • Saturday: farmer's market. Anytime from 10 to 3: 12pm at 5316 telegraph
    • Mr. Scott: Dennis will be writing questions.
    • Need to formalize our organizational model for this project.