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Sunday March 6th


  • Bryan
  • Gerald
  • Anka
  • Angel
  • Liz
  • Brian
  • Martin
  • Marc
  • Dennis
  • Shirah
  • Dre

Announcements and cool stuff

  • Film screening and discussion on Sunday, March 21th at 12:30pm at the New Parkway Theater. Called Oil, Drought, and Climate Change in CA
  • Permaculture Action Tour would like to screen their new documentary here. Liz told organizer we could lend a hand with tech, but not bill it as one of our film nights. They are responsible for all promotion
  • Angel found a download of What Happened Miss Simone but its kind of screwed up haha
  • Dre says the last fire code work party wasn't much of a party

New member?

Film nights

Upcoming film night

March 8th: What Happened Miss Simone? Who will be there?

  • Setup 5:30pm : Dennis, Anka, Liz, Anel maybe, Dre maybe
  • Concessions? Bottled water
  • Discussion? Kwaku?
  • Cleanup:

Note about screenings: According to fire inspector, we are advised not to hold public gatherings in the ballroom, or to have gatherings of 50 people or more. We can screen our films in the basement, but we MUST test the setup.

  • Anka can talk to the folks at Cafe Rev about film nights there

Next film night

Fundi: the story of ella baker. March 21st

  • test VCR player with projector(Liz)
  • Flyers (anka)
  • Omni cal (liz)
  • FB, Indybay


Prepare a survey to understand how people find out about film nights:

  • FB
  • flyers
  • Indybay
  • Omni calendar
  • LLC Announce list
  • an LLC member?
  • Another event website
  • What days would work best for them?
  • What kinds of films are they interested in?

Other films

Angel knows a person who knows a person whose documentaries have been screened nationally, he's going to see if he can get in touch with them to do a screening here

Local filmmakers!

Dre was trying to find this film called Beyond Recognition about the Ohlone people in the bay area, the director might be willing to come in for a screening!

TBD: Gerald's friend Mark, made a doc called Berkeley in the Sixties and another called A Fierce Green Fire

TBD: When Justice Isn't Just

  • Shirah will let us know when the director is in town so he can attend

TBD: The Waiting Room

  • Bryan wrote to the director, he's asking us to set a date

TBD: Occupy The Farm

  • Director has requested April 21st

TBD: First Friday

  • Bryan knows the director N'jeri, he'll reach out to her

Seeds of Struggle

Reportback for filming at Mandela Foods last Monday. How'd it go??

  • Went well! there is fridge sound in the BG. Shirah suggests the program Audition for cleaning up
  • There is a bit of footage to log
  • Moving forward on a Growing/Production short.
  • Reviewing transcripts & scenes.
    • Bryan will print transcripts.

Reportback: promo for Freedom Farmer's Market:

  • Received Kwaku's photos

Reportback, Rhythms of the Land:

Filming with Gail in Fresno possibly? She is training up new farmers and working on making land and capital accessible

Internal operations

Level up to Ticket Booth room?

First of all, Omni finances are in a real state. We want to wait until the end of April to see how things pan out. I answered questions and asked collectives to discuss it anyway and get back to us with their questions and concerns at the next meeting.

Discussion from delegate's meeting:

  • yar: could it be multi-use? could people have meetings in there?
    • liz: i don't see how. we'd lock it when we're not there.
  • julio: would the current space be common area?
    • liz: yes. and we can remove the countertop space or leave it in there.
  • joe: might have audio problems. you can hear people on the steps.
  • julio: how much bigger than the treatment room? idk what's up for grabs. that's one of the few accessible small spaces.
  • yar: yeah we put a lot of work into making that space wheelchair accessible. widened the door. one of the few small meeting rooms we have accessible to wheelchairs
    • liz: we don't have members in wheelchairs. wider door would be nice for moving equipment in & out. is anyone in wheelchairs meeting in that room right now?
    • yar: not right now that i know of, but we'd like omni to be accessible
    • blue classroom doors aren't wide enough
  • Joe: MPM room partitioned will open up potentially 3-4 more spaces

Our discussion:

  • Most people are not amenable to making it a meeting space (security issues)
  • Marc: basement buildout will have to be done by the collective itself, but there is room to exxpand later. Permits required.

Birdhouse Omni fair booth


Administrative stuff

Do we need a FB? a website? Wordpress?

  • Anka met a neighnor who is willing to help us with a website
  • Gerald suggests something like Wix.com. Webmaster access is critical

Social contract/membership agreement?

  • Liz: I just went through this process with Buried Seeds to become a partner in their organization. I thought it was good for us to declare our interests and refine our intentions, and have everything written down so that we are accountable for our own social contract. We also clearly defined our roles in the group so there would be no confusion or diffusion of responsibility.

Workshops and equipment

Notes are now taking place here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/llcbudget


  • Cash box: $50.00 and change
  • Savings: $90.01
  • Checking: $4,845.30

Action items

  • Waiting Room director, screening in April (Bryan)
  • Finish Gail transcript
  • update Patxu OS (Liz)
  • Call Gail about trailer, promo (Dre)
  • Gather FFM photos:
    • √ Kwaku .zip
    • Dennis inquire about CD
    • look for Gerald footage
    • Dre found Gail interview, will put it on Opal computer
  • Friday Nights at 7pm: SOS work
  • Sunday meetings at 5pm: discuss equipment and workshops
  • Get a working printer by any means necessary... >_>