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  • Liz
  • A guy named Kohl came by, into Video activism, hoping to join OpAl.
  • Sarah
  • Dragon


  • A guy named Kohl came by, into video activism, hoping to join OpAl.
  • Lots of film submissions!
  • Noemie wants to reach out to more local communities: community colleges and high schools. Any other ideas?
    • Dragon will start by talking to Oakland Unified School district, Laney Community College, UC Berkeley, and SFAI
  • MayDay will be a day of filming! Might be the last sequence of the OGC documentary! Who is down?
    • Sarah is down
    • Dragon is almost down
  • Sarah and Hayley are working to put together a comedy group that would make 3-minute video sketches playfully mocking bay area / radical culture.
    • Dragon has one: the Macktivist

Room use

  • Anka and Noemie have a proposal:
    • Keep the room accessible to the public as much as possible
    • Limit the time when it is reserved for exclusive use (one evening a week for OpAl and one evening a week for Music is Healing Us, otherwise for exceptional events/workshops).
    • The rest of the time: the room is used collectively, activities that allow other people to use the space simultaneously, using headphones so that several monitors can be used at once.
    • The room would be open to reservations for people outside of OpAL to work on the monitors (any post production work on computers), from 9am to 3pm everyday. The rest of the time, priority to OpAl projects. Reservation possible on request. What about drop-ins? Sure
  • Reconsider Google calendar - Is it going to work for us? If it allows to reserve the specific monitors (vs whole room), yes.
    • What about a physical calendar in the room?


Context: We have a big responsibility. As one becomes an OpAl member, one becomes an Omni member. Now we all know eachother, we're all friends or friends of friends, but soon people we've never met will show up. We need a formal process to make sure the people we bring in are people we trust.

  • Anka and Noemie wrote a proposal:
    • Have new member show up at a meeting and introduce themselves: what they're interested in doing, etc.
    • Have a one month period before making them members in which they participate in our activities, so that we can build a relationship with them.
    • Make the new person a member after this one month if everyone is comfortable with it. That gives them access to the building (key) and OpAl equipment.


  • Equipment assessment will wait until after we have a joint bank account
    • Jabari: Research on credit unions?

Short Film Festival Updates

List of submissions. Wiki will not accept so many youtube links; it thinks they're spam, so I'm not including them here.