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I'm not formatting these anymore, it takes too long. Sorry for the confusing format.

  • ==Attendees==

Ice breaker? everone introduced themselves Sarah: is going to live in viet for 6 months and teach english. Sean: Sean finished recording and got this local band, please support.They are going on tour. sean cast is off. Dragon: Dragon is going back to school. Bout to do a lot of print making in the city, and making music. He is also going to pass out positive newspaper. Going back to school for Leadership. Anka:Anka birthday.

  • ==Announcements==
  • The Film Fest Event is on Facebook! Time to share it and invite our friends :)

Dragon: Needs somebody to film at the Lexus colliseum a fashion show. Sarah and sean have planned to shoot the event tmrw. Sarah: want to create a poster for the event. we are gong to meet on saturday at 1 for the event.

  • ==Finance==
  • Omni says we needed to pay for April and May two weeks ago. Urgent :D
  • Bank account: first step to move on with everything else (collecting membership money, insurance, etc.)

  • == Name Change? ==

Ideas from last week

  • Values:
    • DIY or DIT
    • Intersectional feminism
    • Filming on the street. Documenting. Things that are not covered by mainstream media
    • Oakland
    • Faces not seen/ voices not heard (this is a good tagline)

Against the grain (already in use by a local radio station, remember?) Radical lense Silence of the film Broken cameras Counter Tales People's video sarah votes no Radical Allusions Radical Rainbow

Ideas from this week: ... Anka: wants something clever Sarah: want a name generator.

  • == Short Film Festival Updates == 20 minutes

    • Price policy: Entrance fee? Food? Drinks?
  • Suggestion from Noemie: We can't technically sell alcohol but we could get away with it by selling coupons at the door for drinks and food.
  • Showing some of our works for the sake of fundraising. (So that people see what we do)
  • Next Tuesday 19th: Film Night, final decisions for the selection. Customizing the award names and certificate to each film?
  • Poster (deadline?) Sarah and the group is going to work on the poster this weekend.
  • Night of the 29th: logistics.

Food: Sarah is going to do the cooking. She wants to charge ex[?] amount for food, she wants to know what everyone else thinks. She thinks her prices are reasonable. We are trying to work out where we are going to get our food at the best possible prices. Cost: entrace fee would be a suggested donation of 5 dollars. No one will be turned away, and entrace fee will be a sliding scale.