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==Attendees== 5 minutes Tell us who you are, what kind of video you'd like to make or see made.

  • Sarah wants to make sketch comedy
  • Sean wants to make action, people blowing up and people jumpin out of windows. His cast is coming off on May 26th
  • Dragon wants wants to make sci fi and horror or docu drama
  • Anka wants to finish the OGC project.
  • Liz likes working on sets and help make what you guys wanna make
  • Set goes by Set and likes the idea of community grounded place to make films and likes documentaries
  • Ahn is Sarah's girlfriend wants to make queer porn. Then she withdraws.
  • Noemie all of the above
  • ==Announcements== 7 minutes
  • Liz has learnt a program called file maker that allow us to keep track of our inventory.
  • Dragon: black farmers documentary. People started with Mandela coop want us to do a documentary also oakland fashion week. People of color doing the fashion thing. Not only the high end fashion of NY.
  • Anka is gonna kittens, anyone interested?
  • ==Film Project Report backs== 7 minutes
  • OGC:
    • Noemie went to film the Richmond city council meeting + MayDay, went very well; We have enough to finish the OGC video.
    • News from Anka and Marcus. Marcus came to edit. We need to schedule some regular days. The interviews.
  • Gentrification: Meet next week.
  • AfrikaTown/ Quilombo: To be worked on this week. Tomorrow evening.
  • == Haley and Sarah's comedy show!== 10 minutes
  • Sarah and Haley have been talking about doing a sketch comedy thing. We're trying to figure out if we want to be women only and having men participate in the acting and crewing. Tescia has been unable to meet us. We basically wanna do sketch comedy about the Bay Area. Making fun of radical culture. Let us know if you're interested in participating. We're working on sketch right now.

  • == Membership == 15 minutes

Context: We have a big responsibility. As one becomes an OpAl member, one becomes an Omni member. Now we all know eachother, we're all friends or friends of friends, but soon people we've never met will show up. We need a formal process.

  • Proposal has been discussed but needs to be finetuned:
    • Have new member show up at a meeting and introduce themselves: what they're interested in doing, etc.
    • Have a one month period before making them members in which they participate in our activities, so that we can build a relationship with them.
    • Make the new person a member after this one month if everyone is comfortable with it. That gives them access to the building (key) and OpAl equipment.

  • ==Room use== 15 minutes
  • We have drafted some basic principles that have been discussed but need to be finetuned:
    • Keep the room accessible to the public as much as possible
    • Limit the time when it is reserved for exclusive use (one evening a week for OpAl and one evening a week for Music is Healing Us if required, otherwise for exceptional events/workshops). No more than two recurring exclusive reservation everyweek. An individual cannot reserve the entire room for themselves.
    • The rest of the time: the room is used collectively, activities that allow other people to use the space simultaneously, using headphones so that several monitors can be used at once.
    • The room would be open to reservations for people outside of OpAL to work on the monitors (any post production work on computers), from 9am to 3pm everyday. The rest of the time, priority to OpAl projects. Reservation possible on request. What about drop-ins? Sure
    • requirement that people save their stuff on their external drives. Signs: non OpAl works will be deleted without warning.
    • Crow's nest: not OpAl's prerogative
    • List of do's and don'ts?
  • Reconsider Google calendar - Is it going to work for us? If it allows to reserve the specific monitors (vs whole room), yes.
    • What about a physical calendar in the room?
    • We need to change the lock.
  • ==Finance== 10 minutes
  • Jabari to open a bank account. Any news on that.
  • Collect money for April and May rent.
  • == Name Change? == 15 minutes
  • Discussion on the idea of changing names.
  • Brainstorm on name ideas.
  • DIY or DIT
  • intersectional feminism
  • filming on the street. Documenting. Things that are not covered by mainstream media
  • can we change the name after the film festival.
  • Oakland
  • Women

Against the grain Radical lense Silence of the film Broken cameras Counter Tales

Next week

  • == Shake ==
    • I'm working on programming on local cable access. I want to add your programs so you can be run on the local cable channel.
    • Also I have to have osme original programming. I also wanna use a camera to do certain things.

Arts and culture, community, community actions, programs, activism and news.

  • Independent programming to add to the program. I'm hoping to have somehting weekly. Hopefully by June.
  • Whoever wins I can air the films ou select on the cable channel.
  • News would be stuff happening locally. It will be wrapped up on the banner of the name. It will be available. It will have a brand. I'll be aggregating local and indie media to time when you can go watch it on TV.

Hip hop culture, urban culture, comedy. Anything that will have that Bay Area. Demographic is 18 to 35. And second demographic is foreign nationals - like Noemie.

  • Also allows to promote local businesses.
  • RTV channel 78
  • == Short Film Festival Updates == 20 minutes

  • SELECTION PROCESS (decide today)
  • Sarah: Not Boring
  • Noemie: 70 percent local. 3 people want them in. Give a voice to the unheard.
  • Anka: Shorts are short. We should focus on local. We don't have too much of a criteria to accept films from everywhere.
  • Liz: having the alternative perspective film be shown. That's one of the mission statement.
  • Sarah: I want films that express not the mainstream white dude thing. People of different experiences. I don't want that to be like a political documentary about something.I want taste to be taken into account.
  • Liz: inviting local film makers.
  • Anka: it's a networking opportunity. Who's out there.
  • Sarah would like to show stuff from different countries.
  • Board and people check the ones they like.
  • Sarah we need to decide what films we show as soon as possible.
  • if a film gets no check mark we don't watch it.
  • Dragon: we should watch what we have now by next week.

Watch the films independently upvote or downvote. On the 19th we watch all the films that are upvoted.

  • Everyone gets to keep one film that they're passionate about and want to defend?
  • Cast our favorite 3.
  • If people have serious concerns about it can block it.
  • INCENTIVE TO PARTICIPATE / compensation or recognition (prizes, money, free pizzas, workshops, free membership for a few months, etc.): Award certificates?
    • Have Shake air them on his local TV
    • Every film selected has an award and award certificate
    • Compilation DVD
    • Have a best film voted by the public

    • COMMUNICATE WITH APPLICANTS: Ensure all applicants have a chance to communicate with another person about their submission. Noemie has written back to all of them.
    • LOCAL OUTREACH: Outreach to local communities in order to provide a body of work that represents non typical and under-represented filmmakers. Noemie + Dragon + Sarah + Sean. Flyering tomorrow. Deadline May 7th


    • ONLINE AND OFFLINE OUTREACH MATRIAL: Ensure that online and offline materials are created in a timely fashion to support the outreach effort for the event (flyer/poster for fundraiser, facebook event, etc.). TONIGHT: Flyer and poster
    • LOGISTICS OF THE SCREENING: food, collect entrance fee, ceremony) and distribute tasks for the event. (Next week?)

    • Create outrageous costumes to impress public?
  • Consent on a name for the festival.
  • Come up with selection process.
  • Discuss flyer/poster for the actual event (name, entrance fee, working group)
  • Consent on what to do about Rabbi of Rap
  • Poster needs to be finished by next week for posting it everywhere next wednesday.

To do tonight: make flyers for flyering tomorrow.

  • == Watching the things we haven't watched ==
    • Film nights Tuesday 19h to watch everything and consent on everything.