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Someone is not taking very good notes


  • I sent an email to our announce list serv about seeds of struggle and Samraa. Two people showed interest. Bluu and Jasmin.
  • Next week is the screening!

Film Screening Next Week

  • Do we have the film? Gerald got the film from Ed. Why didn't he put it on the flash drive. We have handbrake.
  • Sound and video system.
  • Suggested donation $5
  • Donation jar for food.
  • Use the pop corn machine! Get pop-corn and canola oil. Ask Gabby if she wants to do propaganda pop corn.


  • Noemie and Sarah will open the bank account on monday. Order a checkbook.

Broken cameras

  • We have broken cameras. An old dv one we used in Chicago.

Plural Eyes

  • Free trial finished.
  • Noemie will try to reset it.

Seeds of struggle

  • Bluu: I'm interested in working on seeds of struggle. It would be awesome to work on that project. Next school year I'll be free on week end. I'd like to give as much support as I can. Arrange a meeting time for everyone interested in that project.
  • The Black Struggle for Food Justice in the East Bay.
  • Gerald: we can go and film the farmer's market.
  • Dennis: I've met with one of the stewards at the people's grocery. I know her for a few years and talked to her. She knows everybody. She's also a major person who is organizing this conference coming up in October. That was one of the things I wanted to bring up. We could film.
  • Gerald: Anka just shot the press conference that we had last week. It was very good. She kept it down to half an hour. Ask her about some context. She's very central. She's a master gardener at a People's grocery. I know some of the black farmers.
  • Dennis: We need to set a time for a meeting.