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  • Sarah
  • Dennis
  • Patrick
  • Anka
  • Dragon
  • Liz
  • Jabari

Last week's action items

  • bank account?
  • mail awards? all but 1
  • printer? not yet
  • chore list and to-do's: check! (literally) There is a section on the whiteboard now for weekly chores that need to be done. If you choose to do one, please initial and date the boxes. There are also some white, plastic organizers on the counter for setting paperwork to be filled out/picked up, flyers to be distributed, documents to be shared, etc. Please check them occasionally for things you can contribute to.
  • inventory is not updated yet, saree! -liz
  • ACCE video? not yet. Thursday at 5 or 6
  • looking into a private wiki - Yusef knows how wikis can be made private. Also, see website opportunity below


  • Sarah: update about delegate's meeting last week? Anything for us to consider/vote on for next week? https://pad.riseup.net/p/omninom
  • Myrtle the Mouse: she gets in on the loft, has eaten a lot of popcorn. Moratorium on food storage unless in a mouse-proof container.
  • website opportunity: a web developer has offered to build our website in exchange for lessons in Premiere Pro. Let's think about what we want! We don't have to do it here and now; there's a big poster on the corkboard upstairs and plenty of colored markers. Please add ideas and input whenever you feel inspired! This would also be our opportunity to change names. Keep an ear out for good ones!
  • Rent is paid! On a side note, Sarah Pritchard is no longer our liaison; she put me in touch with this guy Matt Griffin.
  • Grant applications:
    • Anka still looking for bios and photos.
    • Someone printed out the application for Alternative Media grant and put it on the organizers. (thanks, mysterious stranger!) Any volunteers to fill it out? We could do it after the meeting.
  • Sarah: short film project again. Any traction? Or how about writing a script together? Collective brainstorming to develop storyline, characters, plot events
    • Sarah wants to do her Cinderella story

Next movie night

  • First off, Flag Wars went great! we made $106, maybe 30 people at fullest
  • Next movie night is sponsored by Gerald, for a special occasion. On Sunday August 16th at 6pm, he wants to screen Miners Shot Down, and it will be followed by a discussion of an official report released by the committee that investigated the crimes
  • This is not spcifically an OpAl function, but surely Gerald will appreciate help. Volunteers?
    • need tech - Liz
    • set up/cleanup - Anka, Dragon, Dennis
    • any snacks? drinks?
  • Next OpAl screening: Paris is Burning. Friday, Sept 4th, 6pm. Sarah will introduce and facilitate discussion afterwards
  • For October: Spooks, sponsored by Dragon

Ongoing discussion about protocol

  • As mentioned, we have a basic chore list (if anyone thinks of additional tasks, please add them)
  • Also mentioned the white organizers
  • White binder has been turned into long-term storage; new mini binders are provided for storage of documents for current projects. Once finished, that project's papers would be added to the long-term storage binder for archiving
  • As for equip checkout and reservation calendar: google calendar is fine for requesting room reservation, but insufficient for entering equipment lists and displaying which equipment is out, when, and where. Perhaps new website can integrate that function, I'll check with developer