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*knock knock* - Who's there?

  • Ken
  • Libbie
  • Anka
  • Sarah
  • Dragon
  • Liz
  • Dennis
  • Ala
  • Yosef

What is your power animal

Dennis is feeling good, his power animal is snake. Ken is also feeling good, lion Libby, is a dolphin panther Anka is feeling great, went camping, it was hot as hell. Her spider animal is spider, Dragon, is a little discomboluated and he is a droganfly Ala is feeling great, she is the only butterfly in the room. Yosef is a honey bee.

Announcements? Anybody?

  • Update on grant applications?

Anka is still complising peoples pictures, who want to be involved. Anka needs a bio and a mughshot. We are applying for a grant for peoples grovery. we need a little about your project.

Dennis has to come up with a few more instituions, anka checked out one in SF. She thought it had to many requirements.

Dennis recccomends Pacific Pioneer Fund

  • Bank account set up yet?

Jabari is truant.

Next Week Monday: 6pm

-Private wiki- Get consent before putting

Yousef suggests a private wiki and can send us a link.


We are hosting a planning meeting August 9th to plan the ultimate meeting. The point of all of it, is to figure out what our values are, and face up to the challenges. 2 to 6th August 9th

Last week's action items

Update on Movie Night

  • +80 people RSVP'd on fb, woo: https://www.facebook.com/events/1447156258925573/
  • Liz grabbed the film file and an adapter cable from Noemie before she left
  • Are we cooking in downstairs kitchen? (there's multiple cans of pasta sauce here in the OpAl suite)
  • When should we meet up?
    • Sign ups: Gerald cooking, Liz on tech, Liz + Jabari + Anka + Dennis on set-up/take-down
  • It has been suggested that we have a facilitated group discussion afterwards. Dennis brought a handout with advice for doing this. Any volunteers or nominations?

Omni is telling us we need to delegate a "Bored Member"

  • Volunteers? Nominations?

Not really a board member Sarah nominates herself to go the meeting

Lets talk about Protocol

Liz has some idears:

  • about project documentation & scheduling and keeping projects organized
    • Been using that white binder a bit, but perhaps there is a better way. Individual folders for each project?

Basic forms for collecting contact info and resources for the project

  • about equipment rentals
    • We have some forms to test drive. There is a blue bunny faced file monster under the kettle area. All blank forms can be kept in here
    • Fill out a form, stick it on the clipboard on the cork board so it's visible to others. Give Liz feedback on the usefulness of the form, she can make adjustments. Inventory here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZQDHb6p711NrlDcvoWED7ZapWAdKyBbvUC1HZzQFbmY/edit#gid=1652529138
    • Liz will make a calendar where equipment availability can be easily visualized; mark off days on the calendar when you are taking out equipment
    • Liz will make another form for gear inspection. She recommends that a non-project-affiliated OpAl member be present to check equipment in and out and inspect it before leaving/upon return
  • about locking up the suite for the night
    • Sign out of all email + social media accounts
    • Save work, close programs
    • Shut down the computer or not, but at least disconnect and shut off external hard drives when not in use
    • Clean up any dishes or mess that was made
  • lists of weekly responsibilities
    • trash :P
    • this pad; it's all gunked up
    • Keeping batteries charged

Does anyone else have any idears?