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Who dat??

Anka - she's polish! Neat! Dennis - he's here! Dragon - great job! Noemie - she's special! Angel - thats it! Stephen - I guess Bluu - she came back! Benji - into audio recording stuff! Max - he's got a gig tomorrow! Patxuuuuuu - forever-friend of the collective! Angela - she's new! Derek - composer for crazy choir group! Jabari - it's Jabari! Liz - I'm the AV guy!


Jabari and Sarena are organizing an outdoor film festival! Submit yer stuff! Early October familia_de_sarena@yahoo.com

Choir collaboration

  • Derek is applying for the Alt Exposure grant too!
  • Ideas: video projection, social justice aspect, text from authors at TIL and visuals to illustrate the text. Visuals would need filming, basic editing, no synchronizing with music
  • Timeline: Feb/March
  • Artists would be compen$ated

Audio extension

  • Benji wants to join! He's got gear and skills to share

Suite access

  • Proposal to give Sarena and Stephen provisional keys while their membership is pending? Passed unanimously! Jabari will get the keys √


  • Angel's reportback: They gather footage from all over the country, have an interactive map for people to suggest locations, movies are brief clips (1 - 3 mins) literally documenting day-in-the-life scenes

Seeds of Struggle

  • Field trip logistics!
   ** Cars: Need seating for 7 to 11 people?? Patxu + 1 passenger & storage, Liz + 4 passengers & storage, Jabari and Dragon together, Angela + 4 passengers & storage
   1. Anka
   2. Dennis
   3. Noemie
   4. Angel
   5. Stephen
   6. Dragon 
   7. Jabari
   8. Patxu
   9. Liz
   10. Bluu
   11. Benji
   Extreme unlikely:
   12. Max
   Backup vehicle:
   13. Angela

   ** Campgrounds: 11 miles away in national forest, no utilities. Anka will call tomorrow and get price quote. She also has a friend with an infoshop in Fresno, a potential place we can sleep.
   ** Shooting location: Noemie will get his address
   ** Filming with USDA: Noemie will get in touch
   ** Camping gear required: 
   *** Tents and sleeping bags for 13 people?! 
   *** Foodstuffs
   *** Waterthings
   *** Fire logs? Allowed?

  • Filming with Wanda: open to interview next week? Noemie will contact her

The Name Game

Street Vision --> Feral Films Street Vision * Liberation Films * Beast Bay film/video collective, /Media ** - --> Beast Bay Street Vision * No Filter Films *** Feral Films ***** Real to Reel -- And utilizing the words

   Brainwashing * -
   Rebel * -
   Propaganda *
   Visionary *                                         --> Visionary Media *
   Lens of _____ (or Liberated Lens) * 
   the acronym R.A.G.E. -

   Liberated Lens Collective is the WEENER!