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   ==WHO DAT??==

   * Filmed on Sunday for Seeds of Struggle
   * Gerald is screening a film with a local union leader - Mother Trucker: The Diana Kulmury Story. October 23, 5pm-10pm, $5 donation

   ==Meeting with Doniphan==
   Interview about how we work, what we do. Article should be out next week. His website: http://cinesourcemagazine.com/

   ==Select a Bored Member==
   From Jenny: "As we move forward with filing Omni's 501c3 status, we will need OpAl to choose a board member. Very few requirements (attending an annual board meeting) and very little risk (as we have Directors & Officers insurance)."
   Volunteers? Nominations?
   André Pardee Little

   ==Working Groups==
   Need to contribute 3 warm bodies to the working groups. Pick yer poison: https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Working_Groups
   Can we arrange for a different working relationship? OpAl members already participate in many other ways

   We have it, weeeeee

   ==Seeds of Struggle==
   Side note: Gail (interviewee) needs editing space. Noemie will get in touch
   Field triiiiiip! Sept. 22nd to interview Mr. Scott in Fresno. Leave Monday and stay the night on Mr. Scott's property, if possible.
   Liz driving (4 seats), Noemie will find another car, Patxu driving (1 seat and truckbed for camping and film gear)

   ==Next Months's Muuvie Night suggestions==
   * Black Is... Black Ain't
   * The Spook Who Sat by the Door
   * Propaganda
    Consensus: Black Is... Black Ain't for October, Propaganda for November.
   Black Is... Black Ain't: October 4th, doors open at 6pm
   Propaganda: Sunday Nov. 1, 6pm. Election day is Nov. 3
   Liz will submit event, Anka will FB post, Bluu will do flyers!

   PUTTIN IT OFF till Sunday, 6pm, location TBD (email)

   ==New member applications==
   Stephen and Azusa