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Omni's front door is at street level, with no steps or ramps required to enter. It is a double door - the left side opens to 32". The following areas are wheelchair accessible:

  • Entrance Hall (via front door; street level)
  • Entrance Hall Bathroom (via Entrance Hall; street level; see note below)
  • "zigzag hallway" (via an inside doorway [need measurements] or side doors [need to be unlocked from inside]; street level)
  • trash room (via hallway; street level; often cluttered)
  • Phat Beets (via hallway; street level)
  • CCL (via hallway; street level)
  • Sudo Room (via hallway; street level; often cluttered)
  • Ballroom (via wheelchair lift and swinging double doors)
  • ABDC (via 32" door, via ballroom; ballroom level)
  • kids room (via narrow door; ballroom level; rubber padded floor)
  • small classroom / meeting room (via kids room; ballroom level)

The following areas are only accessible via staircase:

  • Basement
  • Disco Room
  • Front mezzanine, including kitchen, den, Timeless Infinite Light, meeting room
  • Ballroom mezzanine, including bathrooms, book room, Crow's Nest room (is Liberated Lens still up there?)
  • Ballroom stage, including A/V closet
  • Ballroom bathrooms

The entrance hall bathroom is usable for many people in wheelchairs, but may be problematic for others. The door, toilet, sink and pathways between them have been positioned/widened to ADA standards. The toilet has a grab-bar on its left side. There is currently no rear grab-bar or toilet-paper holder.