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Omni's front door is at street level, with no steps or ramps required to enter. It is a double door - the left side opens to 32". The following areas are wheelchair accessible:

  • Entrance Hall (via front door; street level)
  • Entrance Hall Bathroom (via Entrance Hall; street level; see note below)
  • "zigzag hallway" (via an inside doorway [need measurements] or side doors [need to be unlocked from inside]; street level)
  • CCL (via hallway; street level)
  • Sudo Room (via hallway; street level; often cluttered)
  • Phat Beets (via hallway; street level)
  • trash room (via hallway; street level; often cluttered)
  • Ballroom (via wheelchair lift and swinging double doors)
    • please not this wheelchair lift is NOT user-operated. You will need another person to help you get up and down
  • ABDC (via 32" door, via ballroom; ballroom level)
  • kids room (via narrow door; ballroom level; rubber padded floor)
  • small classroom / meeting room (via kids room; ballroom level)

The following areas are only accessible via staircase:

  • Basement
  • Disco Room
  • Front mezzanine, including kitchen, den, Timeless Infinite Light, meeting room
  • Ballroom mezzanine, including bathrooms, book room, Crow's Nest room (is Liberated Lens still up there?)
  • Ballroom stage, including A/V closet
  • Ballroom bathrooms
  • Sudo Room raised platform area (stage level)

The entrance hall bathroom is usable for many people in wheelchairs, but may be problematic for others. The door, toilet, sink and pathways between them have been positioned/widened to ADA standards. The toilet has a grab-bar on its left side. There is currently no rear grab-bar or toilet-paper holder. Event organizers should check this bathroom before events to make sure it is free of clutter and stocked with toilet paper.

We discourage the use of scents, fragrances, volatile chemicals and common allergens at Omni, but need more data on their present state of use. If you are sensitive to these, please share your experiences with us so we can document them and hopefully fix any problems.