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We stopped taking notes on the regular last summer, but let's continue using this page to post updates and announcements on upcoming actions in support of the families' fight for justice against police terrorism!
=July 12 Open Circle=
=July 12 Open Circle=
NEXT OPEN CIRCLE - Sunday, July 26th from 3-5:30pm
NEXT OPEN CIRCLE - Sunday, July 26th from 3-5:30pm

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We stopped taking notes on the regular last summer, but let's continue using this page to post updates and announcements on upcoming actions in support of the families' fight for justice against police terrorism!

July 12 Open Circle

NEXT OPEN CIRCLE - Sunday, July 26th from 3-5:30pm

Laurie Valdez on Justice for Josiah

  • Laurie's husband Antonio was killed by the San Jose State University police in February 2014. They waited 15 months to see the bodycam videos,

Ideas for Actions

  • #SeaOfRed
  • Silent action on campus the day before school starts


  • Pedi Perez family got some media coverage when calling out the DA
  • Celebration of the Life of O'Shaine Evans, Kenneth Harding Jr., James Rivera, and Nelson Mandela on July 18th (next Saturday) @ 2pm


June 21 Open Circle

Next Open Circle is July 12th - 3pm Potluck, 3:30pm Open Circle

Jim and Vicky Showman

  • Their daughter, Diane Showman, was killed by San Jose PD on August 14 2014
  • Had bipolar disorder, said she was going to kill her family
  • Police never issued a report, they filed a claim against the city
  • If you don't file within 6 months, you can' sue and have to go to fed court
  • Vicky and Jim have met with Laurie Valdez and the Oscar Grant Committee
  • Called 911 herself, had a drill painted black mistaken for an Uzi
  • Officer did not employ their crisis intervention training, shot Diane with a rifle & a scope from 15 feet away
  • Forced bystanders to delete videos; two refused
  • From 1 out of 28, now to 1 out of 8 hours a black life is taken by police


  • CopBlock.org/apps - apps for audio and video recording & auto-upload
  • Press conference in Martinez courthouse w/ the Perez family - hit Channel 2 & Channel 4
  • US Social Forum - Thursday/Friday/Saturday this week - some sessions on BlackLivesMatter
  • Cadine Williams fundraiser for O'Shaine last Friday, raised over $600 - great cafe (La Estrellita)
  • Oscar Grant & Perez family at Richmond Juneteenth celebration raisin' hell
  • If you know of any large gatherings in Richmond, please contact the Oscar Grant Committee

Upcoming Actions

  • March/Rally at the Richmond BART Station - Justice for Pedie - Sat, June 27th @ 11am
  • July 18, Cary & Dionne Smith, Cadine Williams, other families coming together in SF, South Park & Folsom
  • Next Open Circle - 3pm on July 12th
  • 6pm Lake Merritt vigil for the Charleston 9


May 31 Open Circle

Next Open Circle is Sunday, June 21st, 3-5:30pm at the Omni Commons (48th & Shattuck, Oakland)

Cadine Williams on Justice for O'Shaine Evans

  • July 17th cookout to celebrate O'Shain's birthday (July 20) in tandem with James Rivera.
  • Officer was plainclothed. Was in a car
  • Meeting up with a lawyer soon to guide re: indicting the officer.


  • Perez family trying to get in front of the District Attorney in Martinez on June 15th


  • Wanted posters for killer cops

Announcements, Asks, and Offerings

  • June 19th - Fundraiser for O'Shaine @ La Estrellita Cafe, 446 E 12th Ave, Oakland
  • KPFA membership deadline to vote - July 13th
  • Oakland Liveable Wage Assembly - 2nd & 4th Tuesdays at SEIU 1000 Local
  • June 20th - Liveable Wage film screening @ the Biblioteca
  • Cleveland Police settlement re: policies on use of force
  • Debtor's Assembly - June 6th @ Omni
  • Feras Morad - killed by the LAPD, possibly mentally ill
  • June 15th - Perez family holding a press conference in front of the DA in Martinez
  • June 20th - Juneteenth celebration in Nickel Park (Richmond)
  • June 27th - March for Pedie from liquor store to courthouse @ Curring & Carlson in Richmond
  • First Friday - protest the curfew!
  • July 17th - Cookout in South Park to celebrate *life* - O'Shaine Evans & James Rivera - Bryant St between 2nd and 3rd in SF

May 17 Open Circle

Justice for Pedie

Cyndi Mitchell on Justice for Mario Romero

  • https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForMarioRomero
  • Mario was attacked in his driveway and shot at over 40 times by Vallejo police, 8 shots through the palms of his hands
  • Officers are not drug tested or psychologically evaluated after their initial evaluation
  • Action on May 8th in connection with elder and homeless abuse
  • The officer who shot Mario killed 2 others over a 5-month period and was promoted to detective
  • Need more protections for families of victims who need supportive resources
  • http://www.justice4marioromero.com/

Reportback on Conference for Political Prisoners @ Qilombo

  • Over a hundred people showed up for a panel of former political prisoners
  • 12 hours of talks and workshops

Discussion: What can you do to help?

  • ____: Banners on the I-80 for police terror; Local media reporting
  • John: Video interviews with families
  • Gigi: Work toward unity
  • Cyndi: Adopt-a-highway program; GoFundMe to reward whistleblowers (this exists in Vallejo)
  • Carol: Healing support for families affected by police terror. Offering Healing from the Dominant Culture for those seeking support to heal from trauma
  • Jenny: Omni space for organizing, meetings, benefits, etc; Website support
  • Ben: Community security / mutual aid over calling the police; examine what we empower the police for in the first place
  • JP: Peoples Bill of Rights - the people won't vote to get rid of a Policeman's Bill of Rights
    • Ben: Peoples Accountability and Transparency Bill


  • Next Anti Police Terror Project general meeting is this Wednesday, 7:30pm at Eastside Arts Alliance [2277 International Blvd, Oakland, CA]
  • #BlackLivesMatter rally for Yuvette Henderson, 3:30pm on Thursday @ Emeryville Home Depot
  • Get announcements and actions listed on OscarGrantCommittee.com - email OscarGrantCommittee.OGC@gmail.com
  • Next Oakland Liveable Wage Assembly is Tuesday, May 26th at 6:30pm
  • South African Metalworkers Union speaking @ Local 510, IOWU in San Francisco on Thursday, May 21st
  • Pedie Perez and Officer Wallace Jetson (WARNING: CONTAINS VIOLENT CONTENT} - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRA9oQmVgb4
  • Jack Bryson's nephew was murdered last night in Sacramento :(

May 3rd Open Circle

Next Open Circle - Sunday, May 17th from 3-6pm


Justice for Amilcar

  • Florencia Rojo speaks on her organizing efforts for Justice for Almicar Perez-Lopez, a 21 year old Guatemalan immigrant killed by the San Francisco PD on February 26th, 2015. He had lived in the Mission for 4 years working to support his parents and 5 younger siblings in Guatemala. Amilcar was shot in the mission in late February. Florencia is a neighbor of Amilcar's who heard the shots that night. One of her neighbors is highly involved w/ Justice for Alex Nieto, connected Florencia to other neighbors on the block. Florencia spoke with a neighbor who'd witnessed what happened, talked with another neighbor who's a civil rights attorney. Amilcar had been in a dispute with someone on the block, someone called the police, two plainclothes officers showed up who did not speak Spanish. Amilcar didn't speak English - probably didn't know they were police officers. He had a knife, cops claimed that he'd lunged at them and they were afraid for their lives, and then shot him. Witnesses say they heard the knife drop before shots were fired. The family in Guatemala has legal representation here. The team managed to get an independent autopsy before his body was sent home. A week ago the attorney filed a lawsuit against the city, the officers, and the chief of police. The autopsy revealed that he was shot in the back 4 times, in the back of the head and the back of the arm.
  • Press Conference on Friday, April 24th. That evening an action took place in the Mission - started with an interfaith vigil at the site, then marched through the Mission and stopped at the Mission PD where there were speakers and chalking of the names covering the steps of the PD. Ended at a chuhch where they had Amilcar's funeral and the legal team answered questions.
    • Lots of support from the Justice for Alex Nieto team.
    • They've been raising funds for Amilcar's family - to date that's been $4,000
    • Next meeting tomorrow evening, May 4th
    • Florencia's primary role is communicating between Amilcar's friends and the legal team
    • The DA has announced that the case is still under investigation
    • The church has also played a huge support role in the actions taking place

Justice for Mario Romero

  • Cyndi Mitchell tells the story of her brother, Mario Romero, who was murdered by Vallejo police in 2012.
  • Since speaking out, her and her family have been harassed - evicted from their homes, had their cars towed, younger disabled brother arrested numerous times and held by the PD for 30 days.
  • Action on May 8th in Vallejo, w/ Poor Magazine, 12pm die-in at Vallejo City Hall. Need more folks to come out and support!
  • Other murders in Vallejo include Frederick Cooley, beaten by Sean Kinney while handcuffed, they took him to the hospital and said he was in a car accident. Were supposed to turn over his documents on the 17th, he passed away on the 21st, they filed a petition to dismiss the case on the 22nd.


Reflections and Ideas

  • Maybe we could connect all Bay Area families and hold a huge event in the wake of Baltimore
  • Let's invite all families to come to the next Open Circle to plan something
  • What are our exact demands? I've been doing this kind of activism for years and nothing changes
  • Let's hold a press conference
  • We could organize a bike party protest
  • Perhaps put an ad in a major news outlet featuring the faces of all who've been murdered

April 19th Open Circle

Next Open Circle - Sunday, May 3rd


  • Teresa Smith tells the story of the violent, unlawful arrest of her son James, a special needs teenager attacked by a police dog in Stockton and jailed for 5 days
  • Dionne tells the story of her son, James Rivera, murdered on July 22, 2010
  • April 14th action in Stockton got national attention
  • Cyndi Mitchell tells the story of her brother, Mario Romero, who was shot over 30 times by Vallejo police
    • May 8th action in Vallejo, contact Cindy Mitchell - mass die-in at City Hall - justiceformarioromero.com
  • MayDay #ShutItDown in Oakland - next organizing meeting - 2pm @ Berkeley & Telegraph, Saturday, April 26th
  • Port shutdown organized by Local10 - see notes for updates
  • Forum with Richmond Progressive Alliance - April 26th
  • Strike Debt meeting @ Oscar Grant Plaza - April 25th @ 4pm
  • Get a story covered by KPFA - news@kpfa.org - benefit on Saturday, April 25th @ 924 Gilman
  • https://soundcloud.com/TeresaYolundraSmith - songs about police brutality
  • Copwatch training @ 2022 Blake St on Saturday @ 11am
  • Oakland Liveable Wage Committee every 2nd & 4th Saturday
  • APTP General Meeting - Third Wednesday of the month - next meeting is May 20th @ 7:30p
    • Planning meeting on Thursday, 6:30pm @ Alan Blueford Center


  • Beyond 'stopping police brutality' - making clear demands to make progress
  • Using Open Circle to organize direct actions
  • Police are targetting the disabled, those who can't even defend themselves
  • Learn about the Policeman's Bill of Rights - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_Enforcement_Officers%27_Bill_of_Rights
    • We should organize to repeal the Policeman's Bill of Rights in California

March 22nd Open Circle

New email: opencircle@riseup.net Twitter: OC_Actions


  • Potluck
  • Introductions, why are you here?
  • Speakers:
    • Laura or John from Liveable Wage - awaiting confirmation John is a go.
    • Jake from EBOC - awaiting confirmation
    • ? for Jabari Shaw - Yes, but Jabari needs a ride
    • ? for Almicar [Jenny via Daniel] - Not sure yet.
    • ? for Yuvette Henderson [Ant via Daniella] - Not sure yet
    • APTP First Responders on peoples investigations [Ant via Daniella] - No.
  • Announcements
  • Ref
  • Activities
    • Sea of Red
    • EBOC action on April 15th
    • Operation Bedroll
    • Fundraiser for Asa Sullivan
    • Fundraiser event for Jabari, Anniyah, and Mary
    • Upcoming Memorial/actions for Yuvette
    • Upcoming call to action - press conference for Amilcar
    • BartFriday Court support - Tuesday 8:30am 850 Bryant


  • communitydebtee.com/letters/debt-validation.html
  • April 14th national shut down - James Riviera (Stockton), Vallejo, and beyond
    • Bus from OGP @ 11:30am - fb event link
  • Tomorrow @ 11:30 @ OGP - rally for abolition of solitary confinement
  • Oakland Liveable Wage Assembly - meets @ SEIU Local, 1433 Webster St 10th floor,
Tuesday 6:30pm
  • Fight for $15 on April 15th in Berkeley
  • Ferguson Spring, March 23-28 in Ferguson
  • Maile Hampton arraignment, April 19th
  • Oakland Privacy Policy - send comments to tinyurl.com/1lg3sa
  • Soul Sessions @7pm in the Disco Room (tonight at Omni)
  • Yuvette Henderson, memorial and action - end of March
  • Press conference for Amilcar - call to action, stay tuned
  • May 15th: Screening of 'Let the Fire Burn' on the 30th anniversary of the bombing of the MOVE Commune, MOVE has
  • May 16th @ Qilombo, political prisoner panel and workshops

Jabari Shaw

  • Justice for Jabari, Anniyah and Mary - benefit @ Eastside Arts Alliance, March 29th, 1-4pm

Next Meeting

  • Sunday, April 12th, 2-5pm


  • Ant reaching out to Angela about joining the facilitation team [Free Marissa]
  • Jenny reaching out to xan about other organizations we should contact
  • Ant reaching out to Mollie about hosting the next circle at ABCFJ
  • Reach out to Sonia Decker re: guerilla theater affinity group - Can't make this meeting but will try for the next.
  • Write up a call to participate to post in relevant fb groups
  • Business cards @ opencircle@riseup.net
  • Send an announce on Friday to the mailing list
  • Make wiki page and update w/ upcoming

February 22nd Open Circle


  • March for Yvette Henderson yesterday, Feb 21st at Home Depot - shut down Home Depot for 5 hours w/ Third World Power - demands to release the tapes, remove military-style weapons.
  • No Love for Cops and Condos in the Mission last week
  • Support in Stockton - Dionne Smith and Carey Downs, whose son was murdered by police in 2010, support families of victims across the Bay Area and beyond.
  • Berkeley Post Office defenders - occupying for the past 4 months.
  • Sea of Red last week tying red ribbons from the OPD police station to Alan Blueford's house


What is the goal?

  • To bring organizations together, bring people together
  • To provide the space for people to connect and collaborate

What can we do?

  • Grow the family to support each other in the face of systemic violence
  • Push for changes in police protocol, the protocols that protect the police
  • Abolish the police state
  • Tiny acts to continue inspiring and raising awareness
  • Go to the noise, go to the areas and communities directly affected
  • Developing alternatives to police

February 8th Open Circle

Opening Segment

  • Brian Hofer: The proposed Domain Awareness Center (DAC) privacy & data retention policy will be coming before Oakland City Council’s Public Safety Committee on February 10 from 7-9pm @ Oakland City Council, 1 Frank H Ogawa Plaza #2. Now is the time to contact the members of the Public Safety Committee to ask that they support the DAC Committee’s recommendations (via https://oaklandprivacy.wordpress.com/ )
  • Daniel Arauz: SF Bay Media has been reaching out to families of victims of police brutality to help document and disseminate their stories. Volunteers with media experience (web design, photography, video editing, etc) - http://sfbaymedia.org/ or email sfbaymedia@riseup.net
  • Cyndi Mitchell: Justice for Mario Romero - http://justice4marioromero.com/ // https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForMarioRomero - Murdered by Vallejo police Officers Sean Kenney and Dustin Joseph. Looking for support and help in getting the word out.
  • Mollie Costello: Justice for Alan Blueford - http://justice4alanblueford.org/ - A space to help heal the community affected by police terror. Planning a trip to DC of family members of victims, looking for support - awareness raising, fundraising.


  • Oakland Livable Wage Assembly - next meeting this Tuesday, 6:30pm @ 1433 Webster St (second floor, dial 100) - all welcome! - https://www.facebook.com/events/1586253711611667/
  • National strike of oil refinery workers
  • KPFA event Feb 22nd @ Berkeley Community Library 1:30-3:30pm - open for people to meet programmers!
  • Tuesday in SF City Hall @ 1:30pm: emergency response to the murder of a trans woman of color - Transliberation Tuesday - Trans Action for Justice -
  • San Leandro Tank Coalition against San Leandro's purchase of a Bearcat MedEvac armored vehicle
  • Universidad de la Tierra: Autonomous university in Chiapas - meet on the 4th Saturday of every month from 2-5pm in Fruitvale @ Obeli - looking at the ways militarization affects families
  • Edwin from Center for Building a Culture of Empathy - set up in downtown Berkeley, 'Occupy Empathy', providing empathic listening, conflict mediation, engaging empathetic conversations between police and community members.
  • Slingshot next deadline is Feb 14th, focus on protest and police brutality. Send submissions to slingshot@tao.ca
  • Anti Police-Terror Project General Meeting, every Third Wednesday from 7:30-9:30 @ East Side Arts Alliance - https://www.facebook.com/events/1533794213573183/
  • Mobile Justice: App for recording police interactions - http://aclu-or.org/MobileJustice
  • BART 14: Feb 22nd next BART board meeting
  • Black Friday 14 court date was last week, the DA is continuing to press charges, demurrer pending. Next court date is March 18th.
  • It takes community power to end the war on Black communities. Join us Tues, Feb 10th @ 5:30pm to demand Berkeley City Council take legislative action to address police brutality and militarization of the Berkeley Police Department. We will meet at Oxford Ave and Center St. at 5:30PM. We will march to the city council and rally for black lives.
  • Urban Areas Strategies Initiative meeting - Thursday, Feb 12, 2015 @ Alameda County Sheriff's Office, 6289 Madigan Drive, Dublin, CA - UASI - Urban Area Strategies Initiative - represents 12 Bay Area counties - funding from Homeland Security to local communities. They meet every 2nd Thursday in Dublin @ the Sheriff's office - come out with us once a month
  • March Against The Police State - Fri, February 13, 6pm – Sat @ 14th & Broadway - **THIS IS A YOUTH-OF-COLOR-LED EVENT** SOLIDARITY WITH FERGUSON, AYOTZINAPA, GAZA, AND ALL STRUGGLES AGAINST CAPITALIST IMPERIALIST TYRANNY! Wear all black for Black lives. PLEASE NOTE: The policing of fellow activists' tactics of resistance is strongly discouraged. If you feel uncomfortable near a certain group, simply walk away.
  • March for Justice 4 Josiah - Saturday, Feb 21 in San Jose - https://www.facebook.com/Justice4Josiah
  • Black Martyrs:In Rememberance of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz aka (Malcolm X) - Sat, February 21, 8pm @ Qilombo
  • Reading Group on the Black Radical Tradition - Saturdays 3pm-5pm @ Omni Commons
  • Action-oriented Anti-policing Study Group - every Wednesday from 7-9:30pm @ Omni Commons - https://omnicommons.org/calendar/events/action-oriented-anti-policing-study-group-2015-02-25/

January 25th Open Circle

Our 4th open circle to connect and organize toward the end of police militarization, state violence and systemic racism will be Sunday, January 25th from 3-5pm at the Omni Oakland Commons @ 4799 Shattuck Ave in Oakland.

This open circle will continued the dialogue and planning around support, goals, and long-term strategy in addressing the long-standing issues of the extremely disproportionate degrees of police brutality and killings of black people and people of color, systematic racism, state violence, militarization of police, and more that have been brought to the forefront once again due to the recent surge of such atrocities.

Link to our previous meeting


  • Daniel on SFBayMedia Group
  • Mike from Strike Debt
  • Mel on Ferguson
  • Ali on May Day organizing


  • SF Bay Media group: http://sfbaymedia.org //
  • Strike Debt: Racial profiling hotline // http://strikedebt.org
  • Mel on Ferguson: Reclaim Malcom X action being planned // #cmxd
    • Police target those with sound systems
    • Available to help planning marches and actions
  • Ali on May Day organizing: combining racism, police violence, immigration and labor
  • Anti-Repression Crew: Rounding up court support for those who've been arrested
    • Defend Black Friday 14 Feb 4th
    • March 24 - 850 Bryant St in San Francisco
  • Reclaiming King's Legacy spokescouncil debrief today at 5pm @ 5151 College Ave
  • BART Board of Directors report-back, filmed by Matt from SF Bay Media Group
  • Teach-in on the Domain Awareness Center, February 15, 6pm @ Omni
  • Berkeley City Council Meeting report-back
  • Living Wage Assembly, 6:30-9pm @ 1433 Webster St (SEIU Local Union Organizing Center)
  • March on January 28th
  • Statewide march on climate justice, movement to ban fracking in California @ 11am February 7th @ Oscar Grant Plaza
  • Pedi4Justice
  • Reportback from the 'wake up Libby Schaff' action
  • Occupy Empathy @ downtown BART Plaza in Berkeley: Conflict resolution, empathic listening, creating dialogue between community and the police
  • Support the #bartfriday arrestees: https://www.facebook.com/events/684891331631587/
  • Study group on creating strategy for building a peaceful society // email coordinator@the99percentsolution.org
  • Occupy Oakland GA downstairs @ 5pm
  • 1/27, 12pm meet at Oscar Grant Plaza: Stockton case, get details from Ali
  • Stockton march against police violence
  • APTP General Assembly, Feb 19 @ 6pm @ 2277 International Blvd
  • Court support for #BlackFriday arrestees in SF
  • Radical Women meetup 747 Polk St @ Jan 28th from 7-9pm
  • 1/30: Black Lives, Art and Justice Matter @ Women's Cancer Research Center
  • People's Movement Assembly
  • From NYC to Ferguson to Oakland @ Alan Blueford Center for Justice
  • Cornell West
  • Anti-Repression Committee benefit
  • Court support for #BlackFriday14 8:15am-12:15pm

Breakout Groups

Upcoming Actions and Events

  • 1/25 5-8pm Debrief and Reflections on Spokescouncil / MLK Weekend @ College Avenue Presbyterian Church - 5951 College Avenue, Oakland, CA Facebook event link
  • 1/26-1/28 Court Support for Black Friday Arrestees in SF Details on Facebook event page
  • 1/27 6:30-9pm Oakland Living Wage Assembly @ 1433 Webster St, Oakland, CA
  • 1/28 7-9pm Radical Women Meeting @ 747 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA
  • 1/24 8pm Benefit show for the Anti-Repression Committee @ Purple House [facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/1042952019053417/]
  • 1/29 9-11:30am Court Support for NYE Kettle in Oakland - Wiley Manuel Courthouse, Department 107; 661 Washington Street, Oakland event page
  • 1/30 9-11:30am Court Support for NYE Kettle in Oakland - Wiley Manuel Courthouse, Department 107; 661 Washington Street, Oakland event page
  • 1/30 7-9pm Black Lives: Art and Justice Matter @ Women's Cancer Resource Center - 5741 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA facebook event page
  • 1/31 10am-4pm Whose Constitution is it? A People's Movement Assembly @ SEIU Hall, 2302 Zanker Rd, San Jose facebook event page
  • 1/31 6:30-8:30pm From NYC to Ferguson to Oakland: Imani Henry Talks on Nationwide Fight Against Police Terror @ Alan Blueford Center for Justice 2434 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA Facebook Event Page
  • 1/31 7:30pm Cornell West at First Congregational Church of Oakland - 2501 Harrison Street, Oakland, CA Facebook event page
  • 1/31 8pm Anti-Repression Committee Benefit Show @ LOBOT Facebook event page
  • 2/4 8:15am-12:15pm Court Support for Black Friday 14 @ Sixth floor of Wiley Emanuel Courthouse, 661 Washington Street, Oakland Ca - very important court date
  • 2/12 9am Support Black Friday 14 by showing up at the BART Board meeting and making sure the pass the resolution to drop the charges and restitution @ BART Board Room, Kaiser Center, 20th Street Mall, 3rd Fl, 344 20th St., Oakland event page
  • 2/19 6pm Anti-Police Terror Project meeting to plan next actions as well as specific campaigns is @ Eastside Arts Alliance
  • 2/21 March for Justice 4 Josiah; Antonio's one year anniversary of Josiah's father Antonio being shot and murdered by the SJSU Police (UPD)

Feb 4th: Support the BlackFriday14 at their next court date (details forthcoming) Feb 12th, 9am: Turn out to the next BART Board meeting to hold them accountable and make sure they pass the resolution they've promised to introduce!

January 10th Circle (Notes)

Scheduled Announcements and Report-backs

  • Mollie: Visit the Alan Blueford Center for Justice @ 24th & Telegraph
    • Alan's Law: Police Accountability - keep body cameras on; reparations to victims
    • Mothers Against Police Brutality: http://www.mothersagainstpolicebrutality.com/
    • Black Friday 14: Need legal support
    • Anti Police-Terrorism Committee planning actions starting from the 16th extending to a big march on the 19th
  • Brian Hofer: Oakland Privacy Working Group - http://oaklandprivacy.wordpress.com
    • Countering surveillance that particularly targets people of color
    • Jan 27th meeting before the full city council
  • Uncle Bobbie: Working with #BlackLivesMatter
    • Action on Feb. 1st: Phoenix Superbowl
    • jan 29 @ Cal Berkeley screening of 'The Throwaways' w/ discussion around police terrorism and related activism - screening here at Omni on Jan. 30th
    • Conference call at 7:30
  • Cindy from Station 40:
    • Coffee Not Cops every other Thursday @ 11am-1pm reclaiming public space from the police - next one Jan 22nd
    • Sleep-in @ Powell Station on Sunday the 18th #RIGHT2REST; 5pm Sun, Jan 18th to 5 pm Mon, Jan 19th @ Powell St Cable Car turnaround, SF. Coalition on Homelessness in coalition w/135 similar groups here & nationwide. Bring food, music, etc. to share, especially Sunday Facebook event link
  • Laura Valdez: Justice for Josiah actions in San Jose
  • Susan Harmon: Coordinating events against state terror
    • Meeting with the sheriff to discuss Urban Shield
    • Next Urban Shield is in September
    • UASI - Urban Area Strategies Initiative - represents 12 Bay Area counties - funding from Homeland Security to local communities. They meet every 2nd Thursday in Dublin @ the Sheriff's office - come out with us once a month
    • Protesting the tank in San Leandro, looking for support. Mid-February city council decision - show up to protest
  • Krystof: Anti Police-Terror Project initiated by Onyx
    • Next open meeting is Thursday
    • Ongoing Spokescouncil leading up to MLK weekend, call for direct actions to disrupt business as usual. Next meeting is tomorrow, Monday the 11th @ the First Presbyterian Church @ 27th & Broadway
    • Shut down plans on Friday during the day:
      • Convergence @ Montgomery BART, 7am - bring a spoon!
      • International Solidarity Action in the afternoon
      • Actions on Saturday against shopping centers
      • Mass march on Monday the 18th, meet @ Fruitvale BART @ 11am heading east.
  • Reportback from Ferguson:
    • Shutting down stores one by one, meeting in large groups much like this
    • Protesting daily in front of the police dept. Keep the solidarity! Send cards, letters. It's cold.

General Announcements

  • Event for radical women in San Francisco, discussion about the importance of women of color being involved and given voice - Jan 28th @ 7pm @ 747 Polk St
  • Disrupting the 'Walk for Life' - counter-demonstration in line w/ Roe v. Wade, tying into the movement against state terror
    • Jan 24th @ Market & Steuart @ 1pm along w/ SF State students Young Women of Color inspire a new upsurge event, January 28th T 7PM. 747 Polk Street, San Francisco, California. You can take 47, 49, 9.
  • Revolution Newspaper: rightwing fascist Christian protest in Oakland - Jan 23rd @ 14th & Broadway @ noon to protest anti-abortion protesters demonizing black women. 'Abortion on Demand and Without Apology!' - stop the genocide
  • Defend Knowland Park - organizing direct action to defend the park
  • Jason Anderson: Measure Z - $$ for community policing
  • John Torok - Oakland Living Wage group - Inaugural meeting Jan 27th, Tuesday, 1433 Webster St @ 6:30pm - find more info on the Occupy Oakland Facebook page.
  • Davida: Talk @ Impact HUB on getting diversity in tech, Jan 31st @ 5-10pm
  • Disrupting business as usual in affluent white neighborhoods - on bicycles - contact oaklandbikeaction@gmail.com
  • Nicole from Critical Resistance & Allies & Accomplices. Emphasizing political attack on the Black Friday 14. Organizing a campaign of support - sign the petition: http://iam.colorofchange.org/petitions/bart-directors-when-it-comes-to-ending-the-war-on-black-communities-which-side-are-you-on
    • BART Board Hearing is January 22nd @ 8am @ 20th & Webster - Keiser building
  • Carol from KPFA - event on Feb 22nd @ Oakland Public Library - orgs and individuals invited to come and have their voices represented
  • Occupy Oakland meeting every Sunday at 4pm @ Omni Commons in the basement
  • Daniel: Helps with creating media and amplifying voices of those affected by police brutality. Let's create a group!
  • Dragon: Suing the Richmond Police Dept - Callout for court support - 8:30am trial on the 26th of January in SF @ 450 Golden Gate Ave

Breakout Discussion Topics

  • Goals and Strategy
  • Urban Shield
  • Creating media and amplifying voices
  • Global supply chain
  • Financial recovery and reparations for families of victims
  • Community alternatives to policing

Groups and Projects

Web Resources

Past Actions

  • 1/15 7-9pm: Anti Police-Terrorism Project Meeting @ Eastside Arts Alliance, 2277 International Blvd, Oakland
  • 1/15 7-8:30pm: Community Meeting: Resist San Leandro Paramilitarization & Terror @ Zocalo Coffeehouse, 645 Bancroft Avenue, San Leandro
  • 1/15 7pm Get Up Street Theatre - come learn the dance - flash mob to They Don't Really Care About Us by Michael Jackson practice at Omni Oakland Commons 4799 Shattuck Ave. Thursday
  • 1/15 9-11pm: Black Lives Matter film series @ Long Haul Infoshop - 3124 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
  • 1/15 11am-1pm: Coffee Not Cops (every other Thursday) @ 16th St Mission BART, San Francisco
  • 1/16 7am BART Friday No Business As Usual - meet on the platform at Montgomery BART; Be on time! Bring a spoon! Drop all charges and fines against Black Friday 14! Disband BART Police! Low-income ticket discount! Facebook Event Page
  • 1/16-1/19 (Fri - Mon) MLK Weekend of Actions; lots planned, get involved at SpokesCouncil meetings
  • 1/16 8:45-9:30am: Bay Area Lawyer Die-In for Racial Justice @ CA Supreme Court - 350 McAllister Street, San Francisco
  • 1/16 11:30am: Anti-Gentrification Action; meet at 1520 Lakeshore Drive - Lake Chalet Restaurant; #ShutItDown Confronting Gentrification and Police Violence in Oakland
  • 1/16 8:30pm Valencia Night Life Outreach; Meet at Dolores Park, 18th and Dolores; wear black, marching
  • 1/17 9am-3pm: Berkeley City Council Workshop on Improving Police/Community Relations at Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley on Adeline across from Ashby BART; Show Up at Berkeley City Council special meeting on policing, also highlight disabled black lives who have been killed or harassed by police including Kayla Moore killed by Berkeley Police Department
  • 1/17 11am: Bay Area Spokescouncil for MLK Weekend @ Omni Commons 4799 Shattuck Ave., Oakland
    • 1/17 11am: YOUTH Banner Making Saturday during SpokesCouncil at Omni Commons 4799 Shattuck Ave., Oakland
  • 1/17 11am-2pm Join the Community Democracy Project to engage public in - "what kind of Oakland do you want to live in? What would it take to make police accountable to the people in Oakland?" Taking these questions directly to the people - meet at Lake Merritt BART; short training then break into small teams; after an hour and a half come back to debrief
  • 1/17 1-4pm: Holiday Appeal for Class-War Prisoners @ 303 Hudson St, lower level, Oakland
  • 1/17 3-8pm: East Oakland March for Justice for Mike Brown @ Fruitvale BART
  • 1/17 10am - 1/18 6pm Oakland Peace Center 3d Anniversary Community Celebration Facebook Event Page
  • 1/18 12-2pm WALMART Action Die-In @ East Oakland WalMART - 8400 Edgewater Drive, Oakland; meet up 12pm - Die In at 12:36pm to 2pm family friendly community event; bring signs to raise awareness about John Crawford's death and low-income jobs; Facebook Event Page
  • 1/18 2-3:30pm: Stop the Spy Center from Encroaching Into Oakland – A Workshop on the DAC, its Privacy Policy and Surveillance Equipment @ Omni Commons
  • 1/18 2-5pm: Cryptoparty: A Digital Security Workshop @ Omni Commons
  • 1/18 4-5:15pm: Occupy Oakland General Assembly @ Omni Commons
  • 1/18 5pm - 1/19 5pm Sleep-in @ Powell Station #RIGHT2REST; 5pm Sun, Jan 18th to 5 pm Mon, Jan 19th @ Powell St Cable Car turnaround, SF. Coalition on Homelessness in coalition w/135 similar groups here & nationwide. Bring food, music, etc. to share, especially Sunday Facebook event link
  • 1/18 7-10pm: FTP March @ 14th and Broadway, Oakland Facebook Event Page
  • 1/18 7-11pm: Benefit Event: Justice for Our Comrade Shango!
  • 1/19 11am-4pm: Reclaiming King's Legacy: a Jobs and Economy March for the People @ Fruitvale BART
    • 1/19 9:30am Children's contingent of the march on Monday: Children's space and teach in starting at Fruitvale BART, and discussion and story telling for little kids who can't walk that far!