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Documentation for all things "Ballroom" in the Omni Commons.

Sound systems

There are several sound systems accessible throughout the building, including mobile PA systems. However, importantly, there is one primary sound system that is permanently installed in the Ballroom that has been carefully calibrated to provide sufficient amplified sound in a room the size of the ballroom.

Primary Sound System

For the primary sound system in the Omni Ballroom, it should only be operated by someone who has been trained to use the system, otherwise you risk permanently damaging or destroying delicate equipment. It is very easy to damage and destroy speaker drivers. A specific order of operations must be followed when turning the system on, and when turning the system off. Please contact someone from this list to help you or to train you to use the sound system:

  • Sean L
  • Liz R
  • Kwe
  • Kwic
  • Dragon
  • Marina K
  • Cere
  • David K
  • Sam T
  • Matt S
  • Jake

Most of the audio equipment you may need to use in the ballroom should either be stored securely (locked) in:

  1. The crow's nest above the stage, accessible from the ballroom mezzanine
  2. The secure storage room accessible from the NorthWest ballroom exit (the staircase that leads down into the basement).

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