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Parking will likely be a significant factor in our negotiations with city planners and the neighborhood. Having a solid plan for bike parking may help alleviate some of those concerns.


My preferred option is racks for up to 50 bikes on 48th, plus maybe another 24 bikes on Shattuck. --Patrik (talk) 18:18, 10 July 2014 (UTC)

Indoor bike storage

Regular building occupants should have priority access. If we estimate typical (non-event) daily peak occupancy at around 50 people for the whole building, then indoor storage for 20-30 bikes seems reasonable.


Location: SE corner of Cafe, between entrance and door to Ballroom.
Size: up to 440 sqft (preferably less!)
# Bikes: up to 48-88 (5-9 sqft/bike).
Pros: Eats up prime Cafe space.
Cons: Tons of space available.

Storage 3

Location: Storage room in SE corner of building, next to ballroom former entry. "Storage [3]" on map.
Size: awkward space, around 144 sqft.
# Bikes: 16-28 (5-9 sqft/bike).
Pros: Out of the way.
Cons: Small and awkward. Haven't checked out space in person! May not be feasible and/or require some construction.

Outdoor bike parking

For regular events/classes. Aim for ~50 outside spots?

Design Guidelines

City of Oakland!


Along building facade

Note that there are some trees in front of the building that would cut into bike storage space.

Some of these options may not be allowed by the City, depending on exactly where the property line is, and where the public sidewalk starts!

Size: 80 ft on 48th Street, max 83 ft on Shattuck (minus trees)

Option 1: hanging hooks

# Bikes: up to 108 (at 1.5 ft per hook)
Pros: Good use of vertical space. Only takes up ~3.5 ft around outside of building.
Cons: Biggest eyesore option (or biggest statement about importance of bike use!) Limited to spacing between hooks (~1.5 ft between hooks); hard to cram in more bikes.

Option 2: racks parallel or diagonal to building

See "Side walk" options below. will need to follow all the same regulations as installing racks at the curb.

Side walk

The sidewalk on 48th Street is 12' wide. On Shattuck, 10' wide at the narrowest points. 48th Street has 6 newly planted trees along the curb, with 14' in between them.

Size: 5 x 14 = 70 ft on 48th Street, max 83 ft on Shattuck

Option 1: parallel bike rack

Bikes parallel to parked cars. City of Oakland requires sidewalk at least 8 1/2 ft wide; may be reduced to 8 ft.

# Bikes: up to 44, based on City of Oakland inverted U racks, 6.5 ft per rack, 2 bikes per rack.
Pros: Easier to scale how much sidewalk we're using
Cons: Lose some space between bike racks for access

Option 2: diagonal bike rack on 48th + parallel on Shattuck

Omni bike parking.jpg

City of Oakland requires sidewalk at least 135" wide (11 1/4 ft) for diagonal arrangement. Sidewalk on 48th Str is wide enough (12ft), but has trees planted at the curb, leaving 5 bays of 14ft each between trees. Should be good for 4 (or 5?) inverted U loops each; 8-10 bikes per bay.

# Bikes: 40 (50?) on 48th Str. +24 at parallel racks on Shattuck.
Pros: Packs in bikes much more tightly
Cons: Eats up more space on sidewalk

In-Street Bicycle Parking Corral

One rack every 32", on a diagonal. Each rack fits two bikes. One standard car parking space fits 5 racks - 10 bikes.

Overflow bike parking for events

Would the City allow us to convert some parking spaces on the street to bike parking? A moveable bike rack could probably store >10 bikes in the space of a single car.

City of Oakland Event Bike Parking Requirements, Guidelines and Resources!

  • Only required for events > 5000 attendees.

Reference designs

These are some examples of actual real-world bike storage/parking places

Bike storage room at Watergate

Type: locked room
Configuration: hanging hooks, 1.5ft apart
Size: 16.5 x 24 ft, 396 sqft.
# Bikes: 44
Sqft/bike: 9

Commercial storage options

  • Grid Rack - closest spacing is 9 bikes in 10 ft rack, or 6.66 sqft/bike (this type of rack may not be allowable for sidewalk bike parking by City of Oakland)
  • Stretch Rack - 2-tier rack, stores 10 bikes in 6 ft space. Works out to ~5 sqft/bike if you include corridor between racks.