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Parking will likely be a significant factor in our negotiations with city planners and the neighborhood. Having a solid plan for bike parking may help alleviate some of those concerns.


  • Measure sidewalk width! City of Oakland requires 8.5 ft sidewalks to allow installing a bike rack. May be reduced to 8 ft. Minimum side walk width for perpendicular bike racks is 165" (13 3/4ft)!
  • Someone should read Oakland's bike parking regulations!

Indoor bike storage

Regular building occupants should have priority access. If we estimate typical (non-event) daily peak occupancy at around 50 people for the whole building, then indoor storage for 20-30 bikes seems reasonable.


Location: SE corner of Cafe, between entrance and door to Ballroom.
Size: up to 440 sqft (preferably less!)
# Bikes: up to 48-88 (5-9 sqft/bike).
Pros: Eats up prime Cafe space.
Cons: Tons of space available.

Storage 3

Location: Storage room in SE corner of building, next to ballroom former entry. "Storage [3]" on map.
Size: awkward space, around 144 sqft.
# Bikes: 16-28 (5-9 sqft/bike).
Pros: Out of the way.
Cons: Small and awkward. Haven't checked out space in person! May not be feasible and/or require some construction.

Outdoor bike parking

For regular events/classes. Aim for ~50 outside spots?

Design Guidelines

City of Oakland!


Along building facade

Note that there are some trees in front of the building that would cut into bike storage space.

Size: 80 ft on 48th Street, max 83 ft on Shattuck (minus trees)

Option 1: hanging hooks

# Bikes: up to 108 (at 1.5 ft per hook)
Pros: Good use of vertical space. Only takes up ~3.5 ft around outside of building.
Cons: Biggest eyesore option (or biggest statement about importance of bike use!) Limited to spacing between hooks (~1.5 ft between hooks); hard to cram in more bikes.

Option 2: perpendicular bike rack

Bike perpendicular to building.

# Bikes: up to 146 (9 bikes in 10 ft rack)
Pros: Can pack in bikes much more tightly
Cons: Eats up more space on sidewalk

Option 3: parallel bike rack

Bikes parallel to building.

# Bikes:
Pros: Easier to scale how much sidewalk we're using
Cons: Lose some space between bike racks for access

Side walk

The sidewalk on 48th Street is 12' wide. On Shattuck, 10' wide at the narrowest points. 48th Street has 6 newly planted trees along the curb, with 14' in between them.

Size: 5 x 14 = 70 ft on 48th Street, max 83 ft on Shattuck

Option 1: parallel bike rack

Bikes parallel to parked cars. City of Oakland requires sidewalk at least 8 1/2 ft wide; may be reduced to 8 ft.

# Bikes: up to 44, based on City of Oakland inverted U racks, 6.5 ft per rack, 2 bikes per rack.
Pros: Easier to scale how much sidewalk we're using
Cons: Lose some space between bike racks for access

Option 2: diagonal bike rack on 48th + parallel on Shattuck

City of Oakland requires sidewalk at least 135" wide (11 1/4 ft) for diagonal arrangement. Sidewalk on 48th Str is wide enough (12ft), but has trees planted at the curb, leaving 5 bays of 14ft each between trees. Should be good for 4 (or 5?) inverted U loops each; 8-10 bikes per bay.

# Bikes: 40 (50?) on 48th Str. +24 at parallel racks on Shattuck.
Pros: Packs in bikes much more tightly
Cons: Eats up more space on sidewalk

In-Street Bicycle Parking Corral

One rack every 32", on a diagonal. Each rack fits two bikes. One standard car parking space fits 5 racks - 10 bikes.

Overflow bike parking for events

Would the City allow us to convert some parking spaces on the street to bike parking? A moveable bike rack could probably store >10 bikes in the space of a single car.

City of Oakland Event Bike Parking Requirements, Guidelines and Resources!

  • Only required for events > 5000 attendees.

Reference designs

These are some examples of actual real-world bike storage/parking places

Bike storage room at Watergate

Type: locked room
Configuration: hanging hooks, 1.5ft apart
Size: 16.5 x 24 ft, 396 sqft.
# Bikes: 44
Sqft/bike: 9

Commercial storage options

  • Grid Rack - closest spacing is 9 bikes in 10 ft rack, or 6.66 sqft/bike (this type of rack may not be allowable for sidewalk bike parking by City of Oakland)
  • Stretch Rack - 2-tier rack, stores 10 bikes in 6 ft space. Works out to ~5 sqft/bike if you include corridor between racks.