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This page outlines how our booking system works for those in the Commons working group.

Check out this guide which covers most of the basics of being a Responsibilibuddy aka "Omni point person" for an event.

  • Volunteer working group members need:
  • Event Request Form
  • Attend Regular Meeting Sat @ 1pm
    • Working group members go through all remaining pending events and self-assign to follow up with event requesters.Follow along with the list for a bit and you'll see how we proceed with people.
    • Consider syncing the calendar feeds from /occupy/ to /calendar/ as described above.
    • We have a general pattern of cc'ing the commons email list when corresponding with people seeking to book events, for sake of transparency and decentralizing responsibility.
  • Read the Documentation, Share with Requesters
    • Check out our rental policy and fee structure to learn about our sliding-scale model. Point people to this page and always ask what they can afford to pay, making our costs clear. At the least, for free events for the cause, ask folks to pass the hat.
    • We ask that folks having events in the space take their trash out with them, and prep and clean the ballroom if they're using that space. Make sure they read the Ballroom Prep and Cleaning Guide.
    • For Disco Room events/rehearsals, we ask that renters sweep and dry mop after use. Mops are available in the Disco Room.
    • For paid ballroom events, we ask people to sign a contract, a waiver and a 50% deposit three weeks prior to the event. There are two versions of the contract: one for large (~50+ people) events, the other for smaller, quiet events.
  • Approve, Publish, Sync to main Omni Calendar
    • See the Calendar System page for instructions on adding events to the /calendar/ instance. Events can be directly added if they're sponsored by a member collective (eg; as a sudo member I can sponsor an event happening in the ballroom and add it directly if there are no conflicts).