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The Building

Space Features

  • a appx 4,000 sq ft, 2 story ballroom / event space with mezzanine
  • an industrial kitchen & walk-in freezer (needs fixing up)
  • a massive back room with capacity for vertical expansion
  • 55'-ish ceilings
  • massive basement with windows above street level (currently blacked out)
  • a separate room that used to function as a disco (with lighted floor)
  • a warren of odd little rooms, a stage, lots of bathrooms, skylights throughout

Price/Sq Ft

Preliminary estimate of room rates can be found on this spreadsheet.

Distribution of Space

Tentative Distribution of Space (Not final, will likely change!)

  • Sudo Room: Half bocce ball court room
  • BAPS: mobile units - based out of a balcony room in the ballroom, having classes in unused space around the building as needed
  • Timeless, Infinite Light: 2nd floor, Balcony room above bar, on corner of Shattuck / 48th (NE corner)
  • HackerSpa Wellness Center: Cluster of rooms between bar and bocce ball court room
  • Counter Culture Labs: Half bocce ball court room
  • Food Not Bombs: Shares basement industrial kitchen & food storage area with cafe-bookstore, hopefully serve food too upstairs to the community - either in the cafe, or the ballroom, etc
  • La Commune Cafe & Bookstore: Bar area
  • Live Space: Disco room in back (NW corner)
  • Oakland Nights Live: Uses ballroom area for performances, some storage in the building somewhere
  • Celluloid Processing Labs: Part of the basement
  • Creative Empowerment Project: Part of basement (screenprinting gear)

Use of Shared / Common Space

  • Schedule-able shared spaces around the building
  • Ballroom (scheduled mostly as per current Common room)
  • Parts of the basement
  • Bookstore / Cafe

Use of Space

  • How do we envision using the space?
    • To collaborate on projects
    • To host classes and performances
    • To network, meet each other, welcome newcomers
    • To store resources for common use (or equitably restricted)
  • Concerns about use of space
    • Will there be commercial activity in the space?
      • Yes, bookstore/cafe will operate as businesses
    • will profit-sharing be required of profitable endeavors?
      • Ideally, consensus can be reached that profitable endeavors can help to subsidize rent/mortgage/property taxes

Financial Information

See also Business Model for Omni's membership structure and flows of income and expenditures.

  • Rental Terms
    • Expenses
      • Move-in Costs
      • Monthly Rent
    • Revenue
      • From Member Collectives
      • From Other Supporters
        • Loans
        • Donations
        • Grants

Legal Concerns

  • Permits
  • Zoning
  • Licensing and Certification