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Every night, The Omni Collective's building should be "closed", even if the building is still in use, and especially if the building is not in use.


Initial Walk-Through Notes

In 2nd-person dungeon-game style:

  1. You start at the front door (48th and Shattuck)
  2. You smell ground coffee, and following your nose you enter the Cafe/Bookstore. Your eyes walk across the longest bar you've ever seen! Your eyes wrap up to the northern wall and back around, examining for any possibly broken windows.
  3. You approach the northeastern entrance to the ballroom, and at the top of these stairs, turn left toward the eastern side. You enter a door to a low-ceilinged room. You walk east to the back of the room and check the northeastern corner to ensure the old side-door is locked. You stay aware of the windows along the eastern wall as well.
  4. You next enter the ballroom and scan the floor for any remaining parties. You switch of the Chandeliers by using the switches hidden by the Bar exit flap. You cross the room to the southeastern entrance terminating at the southern tip of the ballroom bar. You enter the foyer through two large double-doors. You check the external doors to the foyer are closed, you note the ticket-taking window is shielded, and you exit through those two large double-doors, closing them behind you, placing a bolt in the latch between them, keeping them locked from the outside.
  5. You walk upstairs in the ballroom to the mezzanine, examining the large half-moon window along Shattuck on the Eastern wall. You peak into the restroom(switching of the light on the outside of the western wall), the VIP lounge in the northeastern corner, and finally back along the southern stretch of the ballroom mezzanine, terminating at control loft above the stage.
  6. You exit the mezzanine down to the stage, checking the store room along the way. You walk north, across the ballroom floor in front of the stage, to check the bathroom in the northwest corner. You take the stairs to exit along the northern wall, on the west side of the room. If you keep taking these stairs downward, you enter the basement from the North.
  7. Along the northern wall of the basement you see a door through it you enter the kitchen, pass the stoves, round the L-shaped room at the north east corner, and all the way through to scope the pantry. You turn back from the pantry and exit the kitchen. You walk south and enter the reading room / library / small offices in the middle of the basement, stretching north from the southern wall. You exit these offices heading west. You briefly return to the North wall next to the stairs to turn of all the lights. Activating the last switch on the western wall you head south again along that wall. You spot a door in the southwestern corner. You take this door.
  8. From this door, you walk up a strange staircase and duck your head to avoid contact with a few low-hanging beams. You blink your eyes and emerge in a room full of whizzing, whirring, blinking bits. There might be people curled up on a project or at a computer. You say hello, ask how things are going, explain you are closing up, and if these little gnomes plan to stick around you ask if anyone possesses a key. If this is not the case you tell them, that they should return their projects to a safe state. You proceed north across the room. You advance out through the splatter-paint hallway, checking the "Secret Bathroom" on your right-hand, eastern side switching off the light after you.
  9. At the end of the splatter-paint hallway, you emerge into a hallway kitchen. Look around fort edible items lying in the open, strengthen yourself and then put away the reminder so it does not attract unwanted animals. Continue through it to some store rooms including a walk-in freezer. After clearing those rooms, you emerge back in the kitchen hallway, but head north to the large double-doors to ensure they are closed, locked, and that there is a bolt hanging in the latch, securing them from the outside. You pass through a room east of these doors, ensure the trash cans are properly located, the electrical panels are sufficiently cleared of proximal furniture, debris, etc. You walk east, across this room, and emerge back into the cafe / bookstore with the enormous bar!
  10. You reflect on your long, arduous journey.
  11. As you turn right, walk south, and step out from behind the Cafe bar, you check the bathroom on the southern wall, on your right-hand side. As it is all clear, you pop back out into the cafe and walk straight for the front door at the corner of 48th and Shattuck, the northeastern corner of the building.
  12. You lock these front doors behind you (right-hand door, handle, and two deadbolts), and leave The Omni.


  • Put away all open food in the kitchen.