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Here is a list of Omni Commons member collectives, tenants, and fiscally sponsored groups, and information about them!

How do I start a collective?

Counter Culture Labs


DIYbio homegrown in the East Bay.

Counter Culture Labs is part of the burgeoning global DIYbio movement here to excite curiosity and empower exploration. It is a place to share tools, knowledge and experience - a comfortable, open community in which to learn, create, tinker and innovate. We are open to biohackers, biotech professionals, citizen scientists and empiricists of all stripes!


Food Not Bombs


Free Food for the People! Cultivating community alternatives to the money economy...

East Bay Food Not Bombs has been operating in Berkeley and Oakland continuously on a volunteer basis since 1991. We cook large scale community meals and serve free food six days a week. Food Not Bombs functions on a paradigm of grassroots recourse re-distribution, bringing free food to parks, political events, neighborhood gatherings, and social centers.

Through Food Not Bombs we create infrastructure outside of money through which abundance can be shared. Food Not Bombs is excited and intrigued by the Omni project and the collaboration between collectives. We believe that a community kitchen is integral to creating a space of “commons”. Over and over we have seen the kitchen as a main artery and gathering point in liberated, autonomous space.

Liberated Lens

  • Visit us at to see our projects, upcoming film night, or to subscribe to our newsletter.
  • We can be reached collectively at

Sudo Room


Creative community and hacker space

Sudo Room is an East Bay creative community and hackerspace. Sudo Room has an open membership, is nonhierarchical, and we are all “types”… tech developers, citizen scientists, activists, artists, and all combinations in between and beyond. Most importantly we are human beings interested in and working towards positive social change. Our goal is to create an inclusive, dedicated hackerspace in Oakland. We share ideas and projects in the following areas:

  • Creative Use Of Technology
  • Citizen Science
  • Digital Citizenship And Literacy
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Community Engagement
  • Self-Government

It is a place to learn, create, gather, work, play and more.

Our slogan is: HACK THE PLANET!

Sudo Mesh


Sudo Mesh is building the infrastructure for a truly free and peer-run internet throughout the bay area.

Core projects include:

  • People's Open Network - a community-owned and -operated wireless mesh network spanning the East Bay.
  • - a disaster-resilient communications network powered by the sun.
  • Laptops For All! - upcycling donated laptops to those who can't afford them.
  • Build Your Own Internet - guides and quarterly hands-on workshops teaching everyone how they can build their own internet(s).

Our slogan is MESH THE PLANET!

Village of Love

The Village of Love aims to enrich the community by developing creative solutions to build bridges across the disparities between residents, businesses, mental health and unsheltered communities.