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* [[Bay Area Public School]] - a free, self-organizing, anti-capitalist school.
#REDIRECT [[Collectives]]
* [[Black Hole Collective Lab]] - a space and celluloid film lab far outside of commercial industry.
* [[CAMO]] - a visual art gallery utilizing the walls of the Omni Commons.
* [[Counter Culture Labs]] - a citizen science and DIYbio space that is open sourcing biology.
* [[Food Not Bombs]] - bringing free food to the hungry for over 30 years.
* [[La Commune Cafe and Bookstore]] - a worker-owned cafe and bookstore that serves as the entrance to Omni Commons.
* [[Material Print Machine]] - an artist-run community print studio and bindery dedicated to the art of print and publishing.
* [[Sudo Room]] - a free and open creative community and hackerspace.
* [[Timeless, Infinite Light]] - an Oakland small press focused on contemporary poetry and critical theory.
'''[[join|How do I start a collective?]]'''

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