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Definition of a Commons

In order to provide a metaphor for our project, the term "Commons" has been used, and this comic hopes to illustrate what we mean by "Commons" in some small sense. Art by Pat Xu, text by Matt, pre-press and web rendering thanks to GIMP, Inkscape, and David Keenan.

Latest Version

Initial Version

Original text to accompany first sketch:

Omni Commons Introduction in 8 Frames

  1. Caption: "A 'commons' is what we share and tend together, like a common pasture." Green pasture, sunset. Sheep and perhaps a wolf or wolves, even lambs and cubs on the pasture. A tree, animals in shade? Maybe a stream or water source? Optional additional caption: "... where there are ample, regenerative resources to sustain life for all."
  2. Caption" We are told that the commons is 'a tragedy' and we cannot share or commune with each other, if we want to survive." Same pasture, same scene as 1. but with the pasture ruined by car tracks, and in the center a Hummer is doing donuts, sheep are kicked into the air "baaaa"ing. Comical expressions on sheep faces, etc to give comic relief.
  3. Caption: "But we know that's not the full story... the library is a commons many of us experience in our lives" Bookshelf, with one book being removed, perhaps by a hand (animalian), and some relevant words are on the cover of the book.
  4. Caption: "The commons can be maintained and stewarded by the community, full of love." Portrait of our animal-people, say namely a wolf and a sheep, or more, waving and smiling, introducing themselves to the reader.
  5. Caption "We're only as strong as one another." Close-up of arms linked together, perhaps a mammal arm and a bird arm, with fur and feathers wrapped together and bits of claws exposed, showing togetherness.
  6. "We're NOT perfect, and we're always learning." Overhead view of some kind of gathering, say in the ballroom, lots of different animal-people sitting, standing, conversing, in small groups, and perhaps in one larger group-circle in the middle. Maybe using arrows or speech / motion lines to convey movement from above. I don't know about this one, there might be a better image.
  7. Caption: "We work together." Maybe a cut-panel with first half of two people working together, like getting on a ladder, stabilizing it, and hammering drywall up. Cut to close-up of hammer with motion lines hammering the nail in, leaving a bit of an indentation in the drywall (so it can be hidden with spackle). Optional caption: "and grow together."
  8. Caption" And we invite you to join us." Facade of building, with open doors, or otherwise inviting image that puts the reader in context (probably they came in through the main entrance or at least saw it if they're in the building, looking on google maps, etc.